Monday, December 29, 2008

What a "SWEET" Day!

WE DID IT! Well actually my husband did it! We just signed on our new house today! It is officially OUR new home! Our plans are to be moved in and somewhat settled by January 20th! Ahh, the list of things to do! You see, we have been house hunting for some time now and for whatever reason each time we chose, made a decision or were ready to go on a particular house coincidentally it was bought, pending or on fire! No just kidding! I now realize that is because we were meant to be in the home we purchased today. That being said, I sort of checked out of the whole house hunting/buying thing because I didn't want to be disappointed again. I would go look and give my thoughts but when Dave and I walked into this house we sort of looked at each other and just knew. Its perfect for us, in an amazing neighborhood, with great schools! I left all of the details to Dave and helped where I could but I knew how hard it is to get loans right now. So I hoped and prayed but knew that what was really important in life was our kids and our health. That being said, I am so excited because its our first house together! The house we are currently in was Dave's before we met. In buying this new house I feel like its ours and we can watch the boys grow up in it with only our history there. So now begins the packing, the paint swatches, the cleaning, the stress but all so very worth it. I am very proud of us. I am proud of my husband, he worked so hard for this, he jumped through many many hoops to get financed in this economy and he did it! My friends, welcome us to our new home, what a "SWEET" day.

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Ashley Babyyy said...

It was a sweet day I cant wait for you to move in to it, it is just so perfect for your family. <3

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