Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Starlight Starbright

Tadem West is now officially the name of a star. The Stellar Star Registry has named a star (coordinates and all, but way to complicated for us to interpret) after our precious baby! I can now look in the sky and know that one of those beautiful stars is my baby shining down on me each and every night.  I like to think that the star I wish on every night (as previously mentioned, yes I wish on a star each night, and yes its the "first star I see tonight" for those of you who know the saying = ) just so happens to be Tadems. Until we meet again, Tadem will be shining down on our family and guiding us through out our days.  How lucky are we....

1 comment:

Melissa G. said...

That is SO cool! What an awesome way to honor your son!

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