Monday, December 8, 2008

Best Buddies

Mason and Austin had their first night together in one room last night and they did amazing. This morning when they woke, they talked and played. We could see Austin in the camera handing his brother his paci. So very, very cute. Nap time today went just as well. The boys just love each other so much and it melts my heart to pieces.  Mason is SOOOO close to walking. He took two steps on his own at the play zone in the mall today. For some reason he likes to walk sideways but once he realizes that he can do it, he will be off and running after his brother morning, noon and night.  Austin learned to say "oh shoot" today and he thinks it is absolutely hilarious. It's like he knows what we all really want to say...I went for another run and felt pretty darn good. Needed to get out there and loosen up, I was so sore from Saturday and when the boys jump on me I can barely stand it but tonight helped. I think I need an outlet, a place to burn off some steam and Dave is gracious enough to give me that time!  To end the day the boys sat on the couch together, yes Mason can climb on the couch now. What happened to my teeny baby?  So, they sat there and watched Madagasgar together and I saw my future. A house full of boys veggin in front of the t.v.  and telling jokes.  If they are home, I am happy. I once heard that the days go by so slow and the years so fast, let me tell you, so true...

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