Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tails And Tractors

I just got back from a girls evening out while Dave spent some "Man Time" with the boys. My sister, my cousin, my aunt and my mother all went to see the movie Marley and Me. For starters, good lord don't you just love Jennifer Aniston. Ugh, she is so perfect! The movie was fantastic. My sister was right, it really did remind me of my life. They have a crazy dog (Marley), we have two! They had a miscarriage, we did too! They wind up with three kids; two boys and a girl! We have two boys and are trying for a girl! Her name is Jennie and duh so is mine! She stays home and yep you guessed it, so do I =) The whole film just had an amazing resemblance to my life! I wish I could say that I look like Jennifer Aniston did in the movie too but really that would just be pushing it, hee! hee! I did well. I did not cry. I prepared myself before the movie knowing that it would be a tear jerker and the preparation kept me from dissolving into a puddle in public. In any case, I did come home and love on my crazy, obnoxious golden retrievers and I am reminded that no matter how crazy life gets, these silly two mutts at my feet will love me til the day I die no matter what!

I left this afternoon around 2 and the boys were still napping and gosh I just miss them terribly. I don't like not getting to feed them dinner or put them to bed. Some days when I am with them, I long for a little me time and then the moment I get it all I want is to be home with my boys, all of them. The grass is NOT greener. I just love them so much and even though I had a blast and still need to do it more for myself, I just hate missing one moment of their lives. I am so silly, I know but they grow up so fast and I just want to be around for every moment!

Yesterday we went to a little post Christmas party for the kids and the boys had so much fun. It was at a house with a lot of property and Austin just ran around with Aunt "Ashwee" going from tractor to four wheeler to whatever vessel with wheels he could get his hands onto. He loves all things transportation! Mae Mae crawled around in the grass. He still isn't sure what to make of the prickly green stuff when it touches his hands but he sucked it up and played with the soccer ball and a found a friend or two! He looked so beautiful sitting in the sunshine under a big tree taking it all in.

I say it every day and I guess because it is SO true, but I am so blessed! I am so grateful to come home to my family with all of its chaos and laundry and dog hair! My sister gave me a Life Is Good shirt for Christmas, I happen to be wearing it and yes my life is SO good! Thank you Lord for our health, our safety and our love!

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Anonymous said...

I had so much fun at the movies we really need to do that more! <3

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