Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long Time No See

My goodness am I due for an update. Well, for starters, we had an amazing time on our Disney cruise.

The boys were in awe of everything and completely tuckered out by the time we returned home.
We did not do so well during the safety drill. (As in, the staff let us sneak out early because Mason was wailing so loud. Nice job Mae)

We ran into some bad weather but that did not stop us from having the time of our lives together as a family.
We played and swam in the rain! Had 12 to 14 foot swells from a storm that had me clutching the sheets with my toes, the closet doors swinging open and closed. The boat was creaking so badly that I wondererd if we were going to make it home in one piece, but we did! Nope, it did not bother the boys one bit, in case you were wondering.

We vegged and watched movies. Disney movies of course, and if I see Madagascar ever again I may lose my mind.

We ate! Well... Dave and I did. The boys were to enamoured with everything going on to eat. Man, I wish I had that problem. Mickey ice cream bars meant for the kids were Dave and I's desert of choice!

We slept, yippee! Some of us were so overstimulated (ahem...Austin, that we had the 2nd most awful meltdown/tantrum to date. We were only mildly concerned security was going to come and see what we could possibly be doing to make our child cry and scream so loudly, eventually he passed out as seen below)

We made wonderful memories and plan on making this an annual family trip!

I was 18 weeks pregnant, here is a belly shot:

Other moments to remember: The boys did not go to the nursery. They paged us the moment we were completely relaxed and sun screened up that Austin could not be calmed. We attempted our first movie with the boys in there theatre. Austin did awesome. Mason, not so well. He lasted 5 minutes and the whole time he was screaming "WOW!" so loudly that everyone was staring. Austin is now a dunkaholic. He counts to 3 and puts his whole face under water.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Boy or Girl????

I am 17 weeks pregnant and today we were blessed with another look at our precious baby. We are getting ready to set sail on Sunday so our Doctor wanted to make sure everything was ok. As it stands, everything is PERFECT! Our baby is absolutely beautiful! Biased, I know! I felt such tremendous relief today as I felt a wave of peace come over me laying there on the table that maybe, just maybe, this baby's gonna make it after all... Our ultrasound tech gave us the option of finding out the sex and of course we declined. Who can stand it? She said that she wasn't going to look, but I told her to. She has always been the only person to ever know what we are having and I had to keep the tradition going. She has been our tech through two previous full term pregnancies, a miscarriage and now this one! I think she loves to be the only one to know and I think its pretty cool myself. So, Dave and I turned our heads as she tried to peek around down there, however our baby decided to be a West and she was unable to determine the sex because S/he had his or her hand smack right between his or her legs. She could not get the baby to move from that position and I was rolling. If there ever was a sign for a West baby, that is it. I couldn't help but wonder right then...if we might have another boy on our hands. See, my Austin bear has a penchant for his pee pee, much like his, ahem...Father! Or all men I presume = ) We got a picture although to untrained eyes you can only see the fist. In any case we couldn't stop laughing! So we tried the ultrasound another way, no need to go into which way, ladies if you have done this before, lets just say, we did it like an 8 week ultrasound would be done. And there it was! She gave us a clue! Wanna know? Wanna know? She said, "Well, I will give you a clue. It's a boy or girl!" Hee! Hee! See how fun this is! I won't lie, today was the strongest urge I have ever felt at wanting to find out, but I did not. Even if Dave said, go ahead babe, I don't think I would. I cannot explain how amazing it feels to be on that delivery table after 9 months, wondering who you are about to meet. It's absolutely awesome! I haven't forgotten that feeling and although I am hangin' on by a thread, I will wait. After all, it will be here before we know it. Look, Austin and Mason are nearly 2 and 3! Time flies and I relish this excitement!
As for the rest of us, we are packing and packing! We are so ready for our Disney cruise on Sunday and I will be sure to take lots of pictures to share and plan on trying to post a pic of ALL the stuff that two children need for a 4 day trip before we leave. Imagine adding one more to the mix...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pieces Of Our Day

Austin "laxing" in the chair having a snack. Look at that smile!

Masons fat lip after falling over a ball on the floor.

Austin, who will not keep his clothes on for anything, passed out in bed only after once again, stripping down.

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Monday, May 11, 2009


Last week I did the boys achievements and got a bit behind on Austins. I started the post just before Mothers Day and blogger posts according to the date started so Austins FINISHED post is just before Mothers Day. Be sure to take a peek at how amazing he is doing!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

I wanted to stop in and wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the hard working Mothers out there. It is such a blessing to be a Mommy and I cannot say enough how thankful I am for my two boys. They lift me up, they make me laugh and cry. They are my reason for living and I cannot imagine my life without them. I wonder where we will be next year at this time with, hopefully, a brother or sister to join the bunch. May all of you reading this, be as blessed as I have been with the endless joy of a child.

They made me a Ma Ma and I couldn't be more proud.

Thank you boys, for the honor of being your Mom every day!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Austins Achievements

My boys are growing up fast so yesterday I wrote about Masons milestones and today is Austins day. It is extremely hard for me to believe my first born is going to be three years old. I find it funny how in Motherhood, time seems to fly by yet it seems like just yesterday he was born. What I am thankful for, is knowing both. For knowing how quickly it flies by allows me to relish each and every moment and I can truly say that I do. There may be days where I might not have a shred of energy left in me to get up, but I do because I know, and I literally think this too, that there are millions of women out there who would give anything to have what I have. To have children to tire them out and children to get up to. I am blessed, I know this. I look at Austin and I see how far he has come and he makes me so proud!

Austin (32 months old)

Loves his brother beyond measure. Whenever he is not around, Austin asks for him. If Austin is at the table to eat first and Mason is not yet there, Austin will call out "Mason, dinner!" It's so cute!

Yet also loves to boss his brother around day and night. It goes something like this "Mason, no no!" or "Mason, eh eh!"

Austins best friend at the moment is Jack, who he goes to school with. It changes from time to time. It used to be Lanie but Jake has taken the cake for quite some time now. It's very sweet.

Is beginning to imitate things. He takes his animals, like dinosaurs, and makes one the Mommy dinosaur and one the Daddy and they kiss or sometimes they eat each other, depending on the day. ; )

Knows where "his baby" is. He will pull up my shirt and kiss my belly. Priceless.

Has started to sing, dance, do flips, march and run in circles until he falls down.

His speech, which he was delayed in, has taken off and the number of words that he says could not be written here because it would be endless at this point. The best improvement is that he is beginning to use sentences now which was a big goal for us.

He can count to 10!

He knows about every other letter of his ABC's.

He knows his primary colors and a few um...not primary???

He LOVES "Daddy's boat" and swimming, the beach and all things outdoors.

His favorite movie at the time is "dog movie" which would be BOLT

His manners are impeccable, most of the time! He says please and thank you for nearly everything. He says excuse me when he burps and we are now working on no, thank you.

His favorite foods are... ahem... french fries (definitely gets that from his Ma Ma) cheese, yogurt drinks, pasta, sweet potato fries and animal cracker. He rarely eats meat unless I sneak it in somewhere and there are very few times that I can sneak it in without him noticing. This makes for variation in meals a bit difficult and I almost always have to make two meals. One for us and one for my picky boys.

He could play with bouncy balls all day.

He loves his kitty "Harley"

Is still a very sensitive, kind little man. Even his teachers have commented how sensitive to others he is. It upsets him if anyone is upset and he will almost always start crying himself or the latest twirl his tongue around trying to be a big boy to stop from crying.

Would give a limb at any given time to go "bye bye" He just loves to go out and be in the world.

Gives the best kisses ever! He puckers up his lips and says "mwa" when he does it. He gives them so freely to me right now and I just love it and take advantage of it to. I make the poor guy give me more kisses in a day than humanly possible but he always does.

Oh' yes! He's a streaker! The boy is never happier than when he is running around buck naked. He knows how to get his pants off now and of course his diaper. Most of the time, I just let him run around naked, which has led to many surprises but the more I resist it the more he does it. I am not sure what the UPS man thinks when he comes to the door and Austin is looking at him through the glass, naked...

(Here is he is, completely naked and hiding in my closet so he doesn't have to get dressed)

He is, much to Daves dismay, a Ma Mas boy as well. Austin always has been a Ma Ma's boy, that's never changed. He is so kind and sensitive to me. Instead of time out, if he say kicks me, I will pretend cry and it's all over. The mere thought of upsetting me sends him through the roof. I feel like it's kind of cruel but our pediatrician says if it works, use it. He needs to understand that kicking hurts people and he has yet to kick me ever since I started that. He melts into tears and hugs me and wants to make it all better. I love that he has a sensitive side to him. He definitely gets that from me. I am not sure how my husband feels about it but I know it will serve him well in the future.

My boo bear. The amount of love that fills me up over this child is indescribable!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Masons Milestones

It's really hard for me to believe as I watched my boys wrestle in the hallway this morning that they are going to be two and three in just a matter of months. It saddens me because I know in the blink of an eye they will be all grown up and yet it thrills me to see the growth and knowledge they have gained and continue to gain each day. So I thought I would give some milestones and highlights of where they are in their lives. Today will be Masons day and tomorrow will be dedicated to Austin.

Mason (18 months old):

Is running everywhere, sometimes so fast that he can't stop in time and usually winds up hurt from running into something or falling down from his momentum.

He is definetly my climber as well. He climbs chairs to get on tables and couches to get onto our bed. He has yet to be badly injured but I fear the day is coming. See here, on the table reading a book.

He has also decided to put himself on a diet, I would say he is approximatly 29 lbs. He has gone from a little man who would eat anything and everything, to picky peter. His love for fruits of all kind (except pineapple) would sustain him if I allowed it. What he does eat, he eats by the fistful as evidenced in this picture:

He has a clutching frenzy. He must have some small item (much to my Mothers dismay) at all times in his hand. It can be a rock ("rock-e" as he calls them), a quarter, a bouncy ball or any very small object that one may fear he will swallow. I do not panic, but every person that sees him with something in his hand does, and I let them know that he will not in fact, try to swallow it, he just wants to clutch it. Dave has named his rock "Henry" and although we have gone through many Henrys and Dave even took him to the dog track for good luck, we always find one hiding in the most unexpected places. Yesterday we went out just Dave and I, and as I was getting into my car, a Henry fell to my feet, reminding me of my boys passion for all things small...

Mason loves shoes. He may be a little metrosexual in that way. As shown in the picture above of him on the table, he is in his pajama top, his diaper and yes, shoes! He loves them and would wear them to bed if I let him. I think he loves them because they symbolize going bye-bye so he figures if he wears them, at some point we will leave. That said, you must be careful when you break out the shoes if he doesn't ask for them and you aren't leaving RIGHT away. The shoes can only go on the MOMENT you are ready to walk out the door, or all hell breaks loose that he might actually have to wait. We have learned our lesson, the HARD way!

He loves to make airplane, car and motorcycle sounds. Anything that has a motor in it, he likes to imitate. He definetly gets this from his Pa Pa West. It's adorable.

He loves to swim and jump in the water.

He is obsessed with his Ma Ma. He says my name like a little Italian man. "Ma Maaaa" Its so cute. He literally will not let me walk out of the room without following me. Today I was getting ready to leave and he was in the bathroom with me playing and at one point he was playing and holding onto my pant leg at the same time. So endearing and I eat it up because I know before long he will be Mr. Independent.

He loves to help me around the house. He unloads the silverware from the dishwasher. Puts laundry in the washer and takes trash and puts it in the trash can. Sometimes he gets confused though, once I found a diaper that was meant for the trash in the silverware drawer.

Words he is saying so far:
Ma Ma
Da Da
choo choo
Amy (pronounced "Me Me" Austins speech therapist)
no no no!
juice (pronounced "jew")
Ashley (pronounced "Sha Sha" their Auntie)
Rock (pronounced "rock-e" we don't know why he puts the e on the end but its so cute we don't correct it)
teeth (this means he wants to brush his teeth, which we the boys do like 4 times a day because they think it is so fun, I hope it stays this way)
bad boy

I am sure there are more words that he says but this is what comes to mind thus far tonight.

My baby is getting so big. He still has his chubby cheeks and chunky legs, both of which I cannot stop biting and sucking on. I love that baby fat and never want it to go away but I know, as Austins did, that one day soon he will be a little man. My love for this child overwhelms me. I pray the day never comes that he doesn't want to sit in my lap and rock after he wakes up. I pray that he will always be a "Ma Ma's" boy and want to snuggle. I pray that the future is promising for him. I pray that he is a good man with good values. I pray that I am blessed to watch him grow up healthy and strong just as I was blessed to watch come into this world healthy and strong. Each day my baby grows up more and more and each day I give thanks that I am here to watch him do so.

Beautiful boy, how I love you more than words could ever describe.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

"A Beautiful Message"

Today I had the most amazing thing happen to me. The most unbelievable part is that I was just going about another normal day with the boys and this message came my way.
I was at our clubhouse sitting in the sunshine while the boys had swim lessons. A lady walked up to me and asked if Austin and Mason were my boys. (She heard their swim instructor calling them by name) I said that yes they were and she proceeded to tell me that she had two boys, named Austin and Mason. They are 13 and 10. I thought this was amazing. How rare that someone with two boys would have the same names as our boys and lived in our neighborhood. She went on to have one more child, her girl, who was there at the pool with her. I told her we were hoping for a girl too. I went about enjoying the weather and thinking how funny it was that I had come across this lady. Once the boys were done I went over to see their progress and then began changing them out of their wet suits. Only then did I hear the same lady call her daughter by name. Can you guess just what name she might have had... Yes, her daughters name was Tadem. I nearly fell over. I continued to finish changing the boys, not realizing yet that I was shaking. As we left, I told the lady about Tadem and we were both blown away by the coincidences in our lives. I got into our car and only then did I realize I was shaking. I felt overcome with an emotion I couldn't really name. I felt there was meaning to this, only I did not know what it was...
I tried to think of someone that might have some insight into this and knew just the person. This woman is one of the most kind, thoughtful, and real people that I know. I still find it a blessing that we came to know each other. I texted her my unusual story and asked her what she thought it might mean. Moments later she called me. She said it was a beautiful message, showing me that life does not end. It was a message from God and as I have said so many times before, he comes to me in my darkest hours and he surprises me when I least expect it. Thank you, S, for helping me find the message in such an unexpected moment. For always helping me find the "beautiful messages" in life.
Although I am still spotting off and on just a bit, the doctor assures me that the baby is fine. So I am trying to let it go and enjoy this pregnancy as my belly slowly begins to grow. I find myself happy that I wake with an ever so sore back from odd sleeping positions. I love the ligament pain and all of the "annoying" little things that accompany pregnancy. I feel blessed to have them all, for it means that my baby is ok. I had none of these things with Tadem; I never even gained a pound in 16 weeks. I am pretty sure I have gained weight this time around. If how much I eat is any indication ; ) Lets just say, this baby loves potatoes! After Austin, you know "the first born," we were so busy with him that we didn't take the photos we should have during Masons pregnancy. With Tadem, we took none, although there wasn't much change to show. I have vowed to treat this pregnancy and any future ones (hee! hee! to my husband on that one) just as if they were my first. That said, here is my 15 week belly shot. (Warning, I look like I just woke up. In reality it's 5 p.m. and I am beyond exhausted)

With strict orders from my doctor to relax and have faith that things will be ok, Dave and I decided we needed to de stress after our scare earlier this week. So we packed up and went out with the boys for a day of family fun. The boys love the boat as much as we do and we had such a blast enjoying the beautiful weather and each other.

We played in the sand, chased fish, caught a crab, and went in the very cold water with Daddy. Mommy couldn't suck it up enough to do anything more than sit in it.

Until they eventually tuckered out and fell asleep in Mommy's arms.

There is nothing better than a day of good family fun with tuckered out children to boot! Once again I feel blessed for my wonderful family, for the beautiful life we have, and for the ability to be able to take a day to enjoy one another.

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