Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today was Austin's Christmas party at school. I volunteered to be room Mom to help! At first it didn't go well and I was thinking good Lord why did I say I would do this please let this pass. Austin was freaking out because when I typically come to school it's to pick him up and leave. Exactly what he wants! Today, he couldn't grasp the concept that we were staying for a party together.  So I ignored him and after awhile he decided to join in on the fun!  I just wanted to say that it was so much fun to watch him get involved. It was amazing to me to watch him sprinkle his cookie, o.k. pour the entire bottle of sprinkles on his cookie because I was to busy taking a picture to notice but whatever! It was mind blowing how quickly my first born is growing up!  I was driving home today after the party and I passed my old job, that I really did love.  However, I normally don't go that way but I believe God put me on the path to pass my old job to remind me how blessed I am. I am blessed because I was able to be at that party with my son today. There are millions of parents who work so hard and aren't able to take the time off to share in those precious, fleeting moments with their children. I immediately texted Dave to thank him for working so hard so that I can stay home with our boys and I reminded him, as I always do, that I am forever grateful.  He texted me back, no I am forever grateful...

Being a SAHM can be monotonous and lonely at times. There are days where you would give a kidney to talk to an adult but it truly is the most rewarding job EVER!  There may be days or weeks where you don't see the reward immediately as you might at a clinic or hospital but the rewards are ten fold when they come. To see Mason take 10 steps to the dishwasher or scream at me that he wants a "nak" (snack! what's new =). To watch Austin open his present from Santa or give both his teachers huge hugs before he left was my reward. I am teaching my children how to live in this world and ultimately that is my "job." Thank you to my "huuunnny" for giving me the ultimate gift; the chance to stay home with our children.

Also thank you to my "huuunnny" for watching the boys tonight while I go out for "appies" and wine with my hilarious friend Eileen. I will surely come home having peed my pants!  

Life is good!

P.S.  As for the pics~ 

Pic # 1) Holy red sprinkle stained hands, mouth and very expensive "on sale" Gap shirt so it doesn't matter! 

Pic #2) The whole bottle of sprinkles thing I mentioned earlier. Once his hand is out of the way you would see an entire mountain of red sprinkles on the plate. Oops!

Pic #3) Seriously, can you stand the tiny table and chairs and all of those adorable children gathered round.  Jake and Lanie are in there too, as previously mentioned those are Austin's best friends, so he tells me!

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Anonymous said...

Pictues look so cute! gosh you are such a great writer. love you mean it!

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