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Imaginarium Fun

As if it's not hot enough here in the Summer to make your skin melt off, finding things to do to entertain two toddlers is even more difficult. So when I heard about the Imaginarium to take the boys to I was all over it and when I heard it was inside and air conditioned I nearly jumped for joy. You know cause being 7 months pregnant and carting around two boys is a feat in and of itself, but add the heat and I risk a turning into a blubbering mess.
So off to the imaginarium we were with the help of our good friend Morgan (who has been watching the both boys since they were born. Ahem...why oh' why does she have to go back to college and further her education...sigh...)
We started off with the sting rays. The boys were in awe, but Austin was careful to remind his brother "NO TOUCH-E the craps!" Or, don't touch the crabs as we know it. (We aren't sure why they both put the E on the end of words like "touch-e" or "uh-oh…



Gods Plan

I have many things weighing heavy on my heart tonight.

For starters, loss has hit close to home and my heart aches for someone our family holds very dear. There is never an easy way to say good bye, this I know.

I am also constantly being reminded that my plans are not Gods plans. That all of the (mostly) organic, chemical free ways our family lives are not the be all end all. He is! Gods plans for our family were laid out long, long ago and while I may beg of them to change, it is his decision. When I lost Tadem and laid on the table screaming for my baby back, he knew that was to come and he also knew I would be ok. I am ok and I know that whatever lies ahead for us, for my children and for my family, however easy or hard he chooses to make it, we will be ok. I must learn to let go a little, to hand over the reigns and trust in that. We are not perfect, no one is perfect and we …

Family Beach Week 2009

While things started out a little rocky with boys having temperatures in the 101's and 103's the day before our departure, we made it to Family beach week. The boys had so much fun swimming in the mornings, taking long luxurious naps (woo hoo for Mommy) and running the beach in the evenings.

It was such a relaxing time for all of us (except Daddy who was sick nearly the whole time and proceeded to pass it on to every other member of the family, except my pregnant self. Thank goodness) The boys enjoyed all of the attention and literally fell into bed each night. It was a Mothers dream.

And just for fun, check out the differences from last year....blows my mind.

Where does the time go...

Happy Fourth