Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tis The Season

We got our Christmas tree tonight! Dave was so into decorating it and it warmed my heart. I love how he gets into that kind of stuff!  It was fun to go through our Christmas bins and see all of our old ornaments and family Christmas cards. I realized how big the boys are getting. Last year at this time we had a 3 month old and 13 month old! How crazy is that? This year, as you will see in the picture, we have baby gate around the bottom of the tree. Although I am pretty sure those boys will find a way to get over, through it, or around it; at least we can say we tried. I saw a star tonight and I wished on it, yes I do that. I wished that my family continues to stay healthy and safe in the coming  year. Last night I wished that when we try again for baby number 4, I don't lose it...

I have faith that the New Year will be good to us. I find wonder in my children each day and amazement in this crazy, beautiful life. 

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Aunt Lisa said...

I love the tree!! I escpecially love the fence around it! I can't wait till Jake and I are in our house so that I can have a big tree!! I love the blog by the way! love you!

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