Sunday, December 14, 2008

Looong Weekend

Well, it's been a few days since I have written. It seems the time slipped away from me this weekend. We had a garage sale to get rid of all the excess crap around the house. Our crap accumulated $600 worth of profit and what is left, we will give to charity.  The sale was a success! Woo hoo!  I have been doing well and I am so thankful for that. I am enjoying the holiday season and can't wait to see the boys light up when they see what Santa got them this year (it's a little bulky and over the weight limit of his sleigh so he had it Fed Xd to the house early and we got it yesterday =) In any case, after an hour and a half of putting it together (Santa does not do assembly much to Dave's dismay) and a lot of under the breath cursing, it is ready and waiting for the big morning.  We had a family get together tonight for my belated birthday, Pa Paws and Me Mes as well.  It was fun to have us all together. Chatting between mouthfuls of chinese food and dodging flying pickles from Mason.  The boys enjoyed the change and were out like lights as soon as they hit their pillows.  If only they would sleeep innnn! I remind myself every morning from under my pillow that I am blessed to have those two boys to  to get up with and then I don't grumble at the lack of sleep I have had in two years anymore.  In fact, I am betting another two years before I even think of more sleep as we plan on adding to the West clan ASAP! I love my houseful of screaming, food throwing, diaper wearing kids and I don't intend to stop now.  According to Aunt "Ashwee" there will be two more to add to the brood as she is just "positive" we will be having twins next time.  Ha Ha! Could you imagine Daves reaction? Now there's a hysterical note to end on....

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