Thursday, December 4, 2008

Downtown Christmas Walk

Tonight the four of us went downtown to see the lights, the bands and all the festivities to celebrate the holiday season. It was a simple night but the boys enjoyed the balloons and the singing!  I love to get them out and in different environments. I love doing simple things as a family.  A very, very special friend of mine has a close loved one enduring a very serious illness as I write this. It is breaking my heart to know how much fear and worry she is having to face at this very moment. I am asking anyone who knows the power of love and prayer to take a simple second in this crazy, busy life to send a prayer out for her.  As we scurry about her loved one is fighting for life. Please remember how precious life is and that you just never know, so relish and be grateful for every moment! Tonight I found peace walking down the street with my family knowing that we are healthy and safe.  

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