Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What A Day

Oh where to start. It was a long day of continuing to pack and trying to figure out where to put what and how to get the boys moved without completely throwing their life into complete chaos. I mean look at our living room. It's so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that next week at this time we will be living in a new house and making new memories. I know its a good change, I just dislike change...I am almost like a child that needs time to adjust to anything new. We are most certianly in for a long weekend of last minute confusion and craziness to get us moved in by Tuesday. That being said, the movers are coming Monday, so we really don't have much of a choice...
So it was cold this morning. I say cold as a COMPLETE Florida girl. 40's is by no means cold to half our country but for us crackers 40's are cold. I knew that it would cool off as the night turned to morning so last night I put socks on the boys. Mason of course pulled his off the moment I put them on but Austin, well... I will just leave you with a picture of what my little guy did with his socks. Apparently, wearing your socks like this is all the rage right now with the toddlers...

Ok, many of you know what an organizing, neat freak that I am. In an attempt to be able to get things packed, I have sort of let the boys go to town on the playroom. I mean it LITERALLY looks like a hurricane tore through it. Mason also decided that my organizing bins are perfect for lounging and practicing his flash cards. It truly is monkey see, monkey do in this house and since Mason decided to sit in the puzzle bin. Austin had to as well. What I tried to capture in the photos is the fact that Austin had previously taken his diaper off and PEED, yes PEED in the bin full of flash cards and puzzles. I guess that's a start. Maybe my son will be being potty trained in a puzzle bin instead of his Diego potty. Dave says the puzzle bin is good target practice. Leave it to a man to completely GET why Austin peed in the puzzle bin.

And then there's the markers. I mean really, reading this blog alone, should leave you exhausted, imagine enduring it firsthand. It was a day of nonstop cleaning up one mess after another. All I can say is 7:00 p.m. was a sweet, sweet time tonight. I look forward to being settled in our new house and getting BACK ON OUR STRICT SCHEDULE.


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Anonymous said...

peeing in the bin thats a new one. and nice living i bet you cant stand looking at it. <3333

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