Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Austin Bear

It's just that he loves to have his shoes on even when he doesn't have to! It's just that I love to watch those once chunky, now skinny legs run the house in exploration and wonder so I leave him in his diaper for a better view

It's just that he loves his trucks so much that he takes them to bed. It's just that I stand for an unknown amount of time watching him in his camera monitor as he gazes at his truck in the dark of night. And his love for trucks and my love for him are shared through one camera screen.

It's just that seeing his "pretty smile" never, ever gets old! In fact, I could and do spend all day staring at the beautiful, wonder that is my son!

It's just that there are no words...

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Anonymous said...

My austin bear gosh he is adorable <333

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