Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Big Move

Well, I broke down and finally started packing. I have been avoiding it like the plague, truly. I started with, ahem, our walls. Given the number of photos plastered on every wall of our house, I figured that packing those would take an entire whole day in and of itself. That is where I began my long winded fantasy at being male. As a woman, I could not simply take down the pictures, wrap them and pack them away. Nope, I had to start looking at each picture, realizing that each one was in this house. Which led me to contemplate the thousands among thousands of memories we have made in this house. Which then led me to begin crying. Which made me wonder if I could move (not really, I am so outta here) but I did get very nostalgic. It was then, that I was like seriously, why can't I have the emotional capacity of a man. I would SO have this whole house packed and there would be no crying. I wouldn't stress, panic or freak at the smallest things. I would not have Mommy guilt. I would not have Wife guilt. I could fall asleep in 0.6 seconds without contemplating life and all of its uncertainties.

In all seriousness though, I actually love being a woman. I love feeling a baby grow in my belly. I love the power and pride in childbirth. I love the connection I have with my children, a connection that I believe is present only between a Mother and her child. I love that men will do ridiculous things for us women. I love that women "get it." I love (and hate) that we have such a connection with life and all that it is meant to hold for us. So, as much as the emotions get to me, I wouldn't trade them for the world. I AM WOMAN! A sappy, sensitive crybaby woman and I love it!

Ok, so after packing for awhile, the boys woke up. As we were getting ready to go to a friends for a cookout. Austin hit his head on the table (the boys love to play under the dining room table) and I ran over to give him a kiss. As I was leaning down, very quickly I might add, I slammed my own head into the arm of the dining room chair that Austin's head just so happened to be the exact height of. I was so concerned about him that I didn't even realize it was there. I hit my friggin head so hard I nearly passed out. I still have the biggest egg on my head from it and Dave swears I gave myself a concussion because I have had such severe headaches since I did it. The things we Ma Ma's will do for our babies!
We went over to our friends, Eileen, John and Jackson's, last night! We left Mason home because I knew we would be late and now that Austin is old he can hang out with us later, but Mason cannot stay up even close to that late without a full blown melt down. At first, Austin wanted nothing to do with Jackson because he had a Lightning McQueen car and he thought Jack was trying to take it from him when he was really just trying to play. After awhile and a lot of ignoring Austin's pleas to go "bye-bye" he gave in and had fun! Jack and Austin eventually ran around playing chase and getting into all the cabinets. They went out and ran on the golf course with their Dads and played with toys. Austin found a fire fighter hat and refused to take it off. Even though he couldn't keep it on his head without if falling down, he would still wear it AND play! It was the most precious, precious moment and I have to share the pics of my baby as a fireman with you!

And today after a late night out on the town.....

We stayed in our jammies allllll day baby!

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Anonymous said...

ur an emotional rollercoaster jk lol. love the pics ur kids r so freaking cute.<333

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