Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life Of A SAHM!

I attempted a little Picasso action in our house. Austin loved the brush and paint but Mason was more interested in stacking the bottles. The mess was so worth the smiles!

We also tried to get Austin a little more comfortable with his big boy potty last. Although he didn't actually go, the fact that he sat on it for more than 10 seconds was progress. The picture below shows the aftermath of an hour locked in the bathroom trying and mentally pleading him to just gooo! Notice the two potties, options and well desperation really. Water, lots of water and flash cards galore!

And after all the mess from painting we had to go straight to the bath to get all the dried paint off~the highlight of the boys day. They stand in front of the tub while the water is running and are waiting to be undressed and they scream. When I say scream it's more like a piercing screech that echos for miles. They get so excited!

And after bath it's cuddle time with Mommy, my favorite time of day, where snuggles are given freely as sleep settles in...
My favorite time of day!

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Anonymous said...

what a mess austin would say! <333

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