Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Memorable Moving

Hello friends,
Forgive me for not posting for a couple of days. We had a big event happen in our lives. Well, most of you probably already know the event, but we moved. We are in our new home and I am on the computer. I am not unpacking boxes, cleaning or organizing. Nope, I actually have some time to spare. How I relish this time to just unwind. I am NOT supposed to be doing it in the evening but as of today, this is all the time I have. I think I read somewhere once that moving is one of the top three most stressful events in a persons life. Can I just CONFIRM THAT. It was long, stressful, slightly hairy at times and quite scary at times. For instance, the movers packed the boys car seats (that happened to be out of the car at the time) into the back of the moving van and we were unable to gain access to them for approximatly 5 hours; slightly hairy given that we had nothing in the old house and couldn't transfer them to the new one. It was also insanely hard to keep my two children from walking, sneaking, running or crawling through the open doors to our new home as the movers spent hours bringing furniture in. I had roughly 4 small heart attacks fearing the boys had bolted out the door the instant I removed my eyes from them for merely half a second. The days were long and went into the wee hours. Sleep was short but we are here and settled. My sister was amazing and helped us get organized and stayed up into the wee hours right along side us. How blessed I am to have had her here with me. We are in love. This home is what Dave has worked so hard to give us and he is glowing from ear to ear. I am so proud of him.

The boys are doing well. We have gone on walks, eaten spaghetti (what better way to break in a new house), broken in the new furniture and even in the midst of all the chaos we made time to go to the circus. They love the house and love to run about and hide from me. Mason and Austin have also officially started to battle. Mason has stepped up to the plate and now fights back. It was a full on wrestling match today in the driveway over who was going to drive the tractor. Austin is a pusher and Mason is a pincher. Aww, this is just the beginning! It makes me smile to see Mason begin to understand how to make his way in the world. So needless to say they have adjusted well and continued right on with their schedules I have worked so hard to have in place.

Austins school called me today. His teacher is concerned with his speech and I agree he probably does need to go back into speech therapy. He is nearly 2 1/2 now and still only uses one word at a time and he doesn't speak as much as other two year olds I know. Many of you may know that Austin did not walk or talk until very late. He was born with hypotonicity. This is a condition that causes the muscles to be overly soft or flax. Therefore, he was in therapy as a one year old to stimulate him to walk because he did not even attempt to walk or talk for a long time. Both helped and he was released but it seems that 2 year olds should have a vocabulary of around 400 words. Let me tell you, Austin may know 400 words but I wouldn't know it. He doesn't say anything other than what he has to and tends to only stick to the words he uses most. So, we will begin therapy again. For the greater part of the day, I was feeling like a bad Mom. I felt guilt for so many things. It's the t.v. or maybe I coddle him to much. It's this or it's that. I felt that it was my fault. Logically, I know it isn't. He just needs a little help, so help we will get.

In closing tonight, I am so grateful for this new home we are blessed with. I am grateful for my two boys who are healthy as are Dave and I. I have wonderful friends and family surrounding me and life is good. I revel in that and pray the future is just as bright. I have been sleeping, very well I might add. The hustle and bustle of the move has been a welcomed relief from my grief over Tadem. Although, his picture rests right beside me each night on my nightstand, my saddness has taken a soft turn towards acceptance. We are able to start trying again as of a week from now and I will just let God take control of what is meant to be. I thank him for this blessed life and I know that he will continue to guide me and support me in whatever the future holds for our family.

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Anonymous said...

i am so happy for u guys. i cant believe how nice your new house is. <333

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