Sunday, January 4, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

It's amazing to me how at this time last night I was buried in the depths of grief and tonight I have risen above it to once again confirm how wonderful this life is. Even though we will not be blessed with Tadems earthly presence I know tonight that he is with us in spirit, our heavenly angel.

Today I opened our belated Christmas card from Daves dad, "Pa Paw" and he addressed it to Dave, myself, Austin, Mason and Tadem. I cannot even begin to tell you how that simple card struck me to the core. Last night I felt beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tadem was so forgotten and today God worked through Pa Paw to send me a gentle, unexpected reminder that he is anything but forgotten. How I love you sweet baby.


It was an easy day. Easy like Sunday morning as the song goes. I love Sundays! It's an excuse to take a nap, spend extra time cuddling as a family and enjoying simple moments with the ones we love.

The boys and I had a tickle fight, played merry go round in the laundry baskets and doused the bathroom with soapy water during a water fight at bathtime. The sweet, sweet sound of their laughter. It is the most beautiful sound in the world and I am so blessed to have those two boys to spend my days with.

Austin has started apologizing when he steps on Mason or if he brushes him when rushing by. He will turn and say to him, "say" which means sorry. He will also, and I truly mean this, stop in his tracks and kiss him. Sometimes he does it if he knows his brother hurt himself and sometimes he just does it for no reason. He did it several times today and good Lord in heaven, it is priceless!!!!! He also, and only a Mommy or Daddy for that matter, can find the puckering of the lips and smacking sound that Austin just started making when he kisses so gal darn endearing. Just melts my heart!

Mason is walking and walking and walking! I am so proud of him. He really just wants to be like his brother so badly that we haven't even really had to push him on the issue! It is only a matter of time before he is high tailing it around the house right behind his brother. Then we will have the smacking sound of fat feet times two up and down the halls. The pitter patter never gets old! Except maybe at 6 A.M.!!! Mason too, now leans in to give kisses, mostly only on his terms, but then that makes when I do get one that much more special!

Loves of my life!


And Lastly, to my awesome husband. I cannot even begin to tell you how sad I am that you have to go back to work. I know it's not an option but I have been blissfully happy with you at home with us so much! I wish we could spend every day together as we have spent this past week. I love you so much, my rock! Thank you for working so hard to provide for your family. To allow me to stay home and not miss a moment of our babies lives. For busting your "heiny" to get this new house for us. For sitting with me through the bad and the ugly and for sharing with me all of the good! Love you mean it!!!!

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Anonymous said...

the boys look sooo cute in there little hats! <3333

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