Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Checkin' In

I have been so busy lately that I haven't even had the chance to blog that much. I guess that would be considered a good thing, I am not sure... In any case I have been sleeping well which after so long of not, is a welcome reprieve. I have adjusted to the new house without any hitches. We made a point of making it ours and homey right away and this change has seemingly been very smooth for a girl who avoids it at all costs. Dave and I were out the other night and we ran into a friend of ours that we hadn't seen in awhile, in fact she didn't even know about Tadem or that we lost him, it had been that long. In any case, she did get our change of address card. She told me the night that we ran into her that she started to read the blog and just kept reading and reading. She said that she loved my writing and gave me a hug that spoke volumes. It meant a lot that she said what she said. She understood my writing and what it meant for me. She took time out of her busy life to read my story and I thank her for that. So Jenn (yes, she is a Jenn too) if you are reading this, thank you and it was truly wonderful to see you again! Also, that night when Dave and I were out, I learned that one of the teachers at Austins school saw us and recognized me. She couldn't place it at the time but she put two and two together today at school. She told Heidi, our babysitter who works at the school as well, that Dave and I were how married people should be. She said how sweet it was that we were all over each other and how sweet we were to each other. It made my day to know that not only are we that in love but that we portray it to others as well.

The boys are sharing illnesses back and forth at the moment. First, Austin had the nasty cold. Currently, Mason has it and I would say much worse than Austin did. He is coughing up a storm and just feels plain lousy. It breaks my heart because at their young age there isn't to much you can do for them. It's just one of those things they have got to work through. I won't lie to you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how much they want to cuddle and snuggle when they are sick. They look up at me with those beautiful, watery eyes and I melt.
Austin will begin speech therapy next month and I pray that it helps catch him up. I know that each child develops at their own pace and although Austin isn't where he should be verbally, I know it is there mentally, so a little help from Miss Lorie and some coaching for Mommy will go a long way for our little man!
I have learned this past weekend that it is impossible to make everybody in your life happy. You can do everything in your power to avoid any drama or conflict with people in your life and it will make its way to you anyway. People will see things the way that they want to see them and run with it. Whatever you might have to say about it is pretty much null and void because conclusions were already drawn. I close tonight knowing that I try every single day to be a good friend and a good person. People will see things for all of the wrong reasons but if I know that I am not that way then I can rest my head at night knowing I tried. Tonight I have found peace knowing that I can only do so much and giving thanks for my amazing family, for our health and for our love. THAT is what truly matters to me...

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Anonymous said...

i am glad to hear that you are doing well and that you r sleeping.cant wait to see u again.

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