Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Not Me Monday

So we are preparing to move and by Lord am I overwhelmed. Let's just say it isn't easy to get things done when you have two children under two attempting to undo each step you take towards packing. On that note, lets get to my Not Me's, of which I have none =)

I did not allow my children to play in the cat food just to get 5 minutes to myself. I wouldn't do such a thing because then I would have another (but so worth the 5 minutes) mess to clean up!

I do not still have my Christmas tree up. I do not stare at it each time I walk by thinking I should really get on that. We ARE moving and all. Nope any sign of Christmas has been carefully wrapped and put away for next year.

I am SO not a procrastinator. I always do things on time. I know how much I have to do to get us moved in two weeks and I have not spent every free minute I have on the computer.

And lastly, I do not bribe my kids to give me kisses and cuddles. They willingly give them to me all day long. It's not that I offer them a cheese stick or jelly bean or even maybe a movie just for the opportunity to smell and kiss them. I WOULD NEVER do any of these things.

Until next time have no fear, I am on top of things and my kids are not full of jelly beans and cheese!

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All My Monkeys said...

Great blog. I actually went and read quite a bit (as much as possible with 4 little ones running around) and was quite touched. First, you are a good writer. Second, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your baby. God is sending me lots of reality / thankfulness checks by reminding me of my blessings, when sometimes I faill to see them. I am so amazed by your journey of faith, and how you are sharing that. It's awesome, and I'm so glad that you are "finding the way," the way thru your grief, thru life, and to Him. I can also empathize with the SAHM thing being lonely and how you almost wouldn't saw off a limb for contact with another adult. I am SO there!

Cathy said...

HA! Loved the playing in the cat food! I've let my daughters play with odd things just so I could get stuff done! :-) Good luck with your move!

pam said...

Good luck getting ready to move. You must be one organized individual.

I try to bribe the kids too for hugs sometimes.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait for u to move its so exciting <3333

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