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We Are Outta Here

So as you all know, we have had a crazy year.  We were supposed to go see friends in New Jersey, had flights booked, however Paxton had other plans for us and we did not make it due to his infection/hospital stay.  We have postponed plane trips to Christmas, but my honey decided to book us a gorgeous place in the Keys.  I am so excited for our "acation" and so are the boys. It's just a long weekend away, but man do we need it. We will walk out our back door and the boys can play on the beach and swim all day. That's is really all they need to keep them happy as ever. Simple little guys my boys are.  I am excited to get away as a family. Hopefully upon our return, things will be back to normal and I can get back into my updates. I miss being able to write. I miss not being able to sit down and leave it all on the screen. Every day I am thinking of all I want to write, but time slips away and I won't let that take away from my boys or what little sleep I do get at


I truly apologize it has taken me this long to post.  Ever since Paxton went into the hospital, life has been ultra crazy around here. We are home now and Paxton is feeling much better. In a nut shell, Paxton had a urinary tract infection which in turn caused him to spike a fever of 104.7.  We took him to our local emergency room here where he was admitted and went through bouts of turning blue and shaking from head to toe each time his fever spiked. After two days here locally, his cardiologists decided to transfer him to All Childrens Hospital in St. Pete where he could be better monitored by those who know his condition better. I was pretty emotional from fear and lack of sleep. I melted the day I was told I had an hour to gather some things before the transport team from the childrens hospital would be there to transport us.  I didn't want to leave my husband and my boys again. I didn't want to be separated again, but I did what I had to do and off we went. Paxto

Holy Moly

Sorry it has been so long. Once again we are being tested and doing our best to pass. Paxton has now been admitted to his second hospital in 2 days. He woke from a nap Wednesday evening with a fever of 103. We immediately took him to the emergency room. Super long story short we were transported via ambulance two hours away today. It has been a long week of very little sleep so the details will have to wait. As of now Pax is stable, afebrile but on oxygen. He is finally getting a little rest and we will discuss a plan of action with doctors in the morning to see how we at are going to proceed. Please pray for Paxton and for us to make it home very soon. He is truly the bravest boy ever. I will update tomorrow after we both hopefully get some shut eye!

Checking In

Boy do I have so much to share, unfortunately I have a little man named Paxton that is going through some rough spots right now. For one, he has thrush and it's making him very uncomfortable and sore. Two, this HLHS baby does NOT sleep. As in ever! Maybe an hour or two at a time all night and same goes for the day. We are all feeling the affects of this, including Pacxton whom I just got down to sleep, in his swing I might add. Desperate we are over here! : ) Even still I have managed to still drag myself to work out at 5 am and try to do something fun with the older two boys every day! Let me tell you it's been fun and I have oh' so many pictures I am dying to share! I am hoping to get a good post up tomorrow so keep checking in and you all just wait for my next life with boys post, which I hope to have up very soon as it keeps getting longer and longer. You are sure to pee yourselves! Until then, y'all get some shut eye for a girl would ya! ~J ps if any cardiac mom

Happy Fourth

Oh' what a wonderful weekend we had, daily life put aside, just soaking each other in.   It has been a long standing tradition in our family to pack up and have a staycation at the beach for the holiday.   This year was no different.  Paxton and I returned just in time to unpack and pack again.  To say the least, the boys were over the moon.  They are obsessed with swimming, running wild and most of all they are in love with staying at "hotowels"  They quickly learned that hotels mean vacations and time away from home.  So asking to go to the "hotowels" never ceases around here.   (I just love this antiquey look to pictures, and yes I know that's not actually a word ;) ************************* We spent time soaking up the sun, swimming and.... Snacking... (West family loves some grubbin') (Pretzel Firecrackers: Pretzel rods, tub of frosting and holiday th

Buh Bye

What a week it's been. Easy for me to say since Paxton was the one who actually endured it. Really though, I seriously felt like he looked at me and said Mom this is nothing compared to two open heart surgeries.                                                                          (Pre- Op)                                                              (Post-Op- Holy Swollen Batman) He spent at least 24 hours between the two days with no food in his belly and handled it like a man!  He had his old feeding tube removed through (gag) his throat and a new one put in. I mean people, there's a hole in his belly and you would think he had a mosquito bite. The kid could care less.  It's quite impressive! So today we said a BUH and a BYE to his old peg g-tube!                                                   (Ghetto bath at the hotel :) And a HELLO to his brand new, shiny mickey button. No tube to try and pull out. Just a cute lil button now. ************************