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Picture Whore...

Yah, you read that right. Apparently that's what I am, according to my husband anyway. In truth he is right,  my I phone currently has 1, 825 pictures on it and that does not include the previous two phones that 1.) fell in the ocean or 2.) the toilet.  Clearly phones, water and myself are a bad/expensive mix.  Please do not tell me to get an Otter box, I have one already, it resides in my junk drawer, right where it belongs ; )  now, where was I, ahh yes 1, 825 pictures. So maybe I am a picture whore.  I guess I could be worse no... Everyone says I post every. single. moment. of my kids lives on FB and you know what maybe I do.  I am proud.  They make me laugh.  They make me smile.  What's so wrong with that anyway.  So nah nah na boo boo to all you haters out there.  You just wish you were a West boy. Whew... that said, I am clearly with a 5, 4  and 2 year old unable to post every day or even every week to the extent that I would like, but my pictures, oh my pictures I j