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february~it's not just for valentines...

(for my new friend tecla~ here is a new post, as you requested ;) if you are my facebook friend then you know that i have been posting a picture a day since february began in honor of heart awareness month. as i posted today's picture i stopped to think....should i really use this one. you know the one with the fresh incision, iv's, lines and drains coming out all parts of my sons body.  i almost didn't post it, but then i did. you know why? because it's the truth. it's our life. its my sons life.  sure it may not be easy to look at. people may wonder why i would share pictures of my son in that condition. i say this....if he can endure it, you can look at it, learn about it and help raise awareness. if it were your baby you sure as hell would.  it's really easy to look at them and say man that really sucks then continue on with life, but behind the pictures are endless hours, days, months and years of fighting to live. he fights so goddamn hard friends.