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Talon Turns One.

We all know that when we go through something hard and ugly, scary and desperate that it changes us.  It opens our eyes, makes us appreciate things in a new way.  I had a sick baby. I spent a lot of time in a hospital with him. I watched him fight for his life.  Then I had another baby. A healthy one. I knew things would be different with him in that I would be experiencing it all in a whole new light .  What I did not know is just how deeply that would run. My baby is one today.  It has hit me in such a profound way.  This past year has been a bit surreal.  Sure there were days where I lost it and couldn’t keep my head above water, but I never let it last for long.  Mostly though, all of this past year was mother f ing incredible.  The middle of the night feeds. The sheer exhaustion. The nursing round the clock. The still nursing one year later.  The joy my boys all have for each other. The way any one of them will light up when they walk in and see