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Picture Perfect

Don't ya just want to eat. them. up.  Slices of heaven they are! We have welcomed Summer weather here in South Florida.  As in,  sweating profusely from sun up to sun down, blasting the AC and wishing I was loaded enough to have the remote starter so I don't have to wait approximately a year for the air to be cold enough to not feel like my lungs are deflating.  Yah'  it's the dead of Summer around here boiling point hitting  say oh'... 98 degrees. The only way to truly get comfortable round these parts is to submerge oneself in water.  Our days consist of finishing up the last couple weeks of school, coming home for happy naps and playing in the hose, on the slip n' slide or making our swing set slide a pool slide and whipping down it like "Superheros" My favorite face that Pax makes.  His "ball" face. Mason insists on having "some cheers" every time we have a drink!  So cheers it is! The boys fakes "chee
I have been trying to post for a little over two weeks now... words escape me.  I just know in the end that this life, this one life, is so crazy, beautiful...  For all the hurt it entails, love is it's lining and nothing is stronger than love. I am tired, beat, worn down.  I will be ok, I always am, but for now I don't have it in me to put words to keyboard.  Thank you for the emails, we are ok.  It won't be a long one tonight, but as always I promise pics and a real, funny "Jenn" update soon. It is when I am on bended knee that somehow life manages to lift me up when I don't think I can handle anything more.  I trust that is around the corner.... So for now I am going to go across the house and down the hall to get my smurf of a baby boy out of his crib and bring him to my bed and spoon the living hell out of him.  Oh if he has taught me nothing, it is to eat it up.  Eat up this life people. The good, the bad, the ugly and the crazy, beautiful. Goodnigh

I'll Take Stream Of Consiousness For $100 Alex

If life would allow me, I would be on this blog every day.  It's been one heck of a couple of days.  Friday was Paxton's cardiology appointment.  The entire two hour drive there was a full blown anxiety attack. Not only was it monsooning out, but I was terrified of what news we might receive. My BFF met me up there for support and she was waiting in the office for me calm as a cucumber while Pax and I blew in there 30 minutes late, disheveled and out of breath from lugging him across the parking garage and through the hospital because naturally I forgot the damn stroller . CC did what best friends do and calmed me just by her presence!  Love you ever infinity no take backs CC, thank you for always being there.  Looks like we might be walking the next leg of this journey around the same time.... Heaven help us.  So Pax kept me entertained or maybe vice versa while we waited in between tests and for the doctor.  He thinks he's a big shot now that he walks and romped arou