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sleep...or lack thereof...

sleep   [ sleep ]   verb,   slept,   sleep·ing,   noun verb   (used   without   object) 1. to   take   the   rest   afforded   by   a   suspension   of   voluntary   bodily functions   and   the   natural   suspension,   complete   or   partial,   of consciousness;   cease   being   awake. 2. Botany   .  to   assume,   especially   at   night,   a   state   similar   to   the sleep   of   animals,   marked   by   closing   of   petals,   leaves,   etc. 3. to   be   dormant,   quiescent,   or   inactive,   as   faculties. 4. to   be   careless   or   unalert;   allow   one's   alertness,   vigilance, or   attentiveness   to   lie   dormant:   While   England   slept,   Germany prepared   for   war. 5. to   lie   in   death:   They   are   sleeping   in   their   tombs. I can't believe it's been nearly  a month since I have posted. Incredibly unlike me.  However I have spent these last weeks grasping at straws...trying to k