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The Sh*%!

Remember in the last post when I wrote stay tuned cause shits about to get good... Well, indeed it did.  Looong story short.  My dad was adopted. By amazingggg parents I might add.  (My birth mom whom I don't keep in contact with was adopted too, so I, myself, am quite the "mutt" ; ) Anyway, my dads birth family found him a couple of months ago. Caught completely off guard with a random phone call  at work has multiplied our family by many. And did I mention they are the muthaload of people to by multiplied by too.  Kind, open, obsessed with family, do anything for you, tell it like it is, wish they were there all along kind of people.  Austin adored them and quite frankly for those who know us, if that boy loves you it's a given the rest of us will. He's kinda picky when it comes to letting down his guard, but you wouldn't have known it 2 hours into our first meeting. I found myself getting introspective at times when I really thought about the si
So I can finally resume a sense of normalcy now that I am nearing completion of all 3 Fifty Shades....Although upon it's completion, I like every other woman to have read them,  will in fact never be the same : ) I am pretty sure we women around the globe are all in love with this fictional character of a man that could never actually exist and I can say that because all of like one man reads this blog anyway. Proving that "he" could never actually exist because I am pretty sure Christian would check this piece every single day for an update... ....Moving on..... We have landed right on Summers home base and we are so excited. Lake June countdown has officially commenced.  We are already in Summer mode moving far to slow in the mornings and staying up a little to late.  For all the years I thought I never wanted my babies to grow from toddlers to sweaty, smelly, dirty little boys I can now say I retract that. I love me some happy, full up, dirty, smelly little boys.