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I Know! I Know!

I can hear the chatter now about how long it's been since I have posted.  I like to think ya'll missed me enough ;)   I have been away from the computer for so long because I have been knee freaking deep in getting my sh*@t back together after two years of total complete chaos.  I am insanely type A when it comes to organizing and being on time and having it together only its kinda hard to have it all together when you have a special needs baby.  Lord have mercy just when you get it together you wind back up where you started, as in the hospital. Oh yes, we are camped out in room 561 here at All Children's Hospital once again. Only after being transported via ambulance of course because when Pax does it, he does it right! So here's the sitch.... Pax has not been eating. Eating is essential for him to maintain his weight while his heart works so hard. He is also a baller walker now and runs after his brothers stealing whatever it is they might have in their hands, w

Technical Difficulties

As evidenced by first glance at the blog when uploaded we are having a few technical difficulties at the moment.  My girl Jennisa will be on it in no time, she rocks blogs. In the interim I apologize to all of my peeps that I have not gotten back to.  Two of three of the boys have ear infections and I am sick as well.  Luckily, Pax, thus far, is the least sick of us all.  Needless to say there is a lot of kleenex, antibiotics and lysol flying around here.   It's funny how I wake up feeling like some kind of crap, wondering how I will make it through the day, then I get this mad, crazy second wind where I run around accomplishing as much as I can knowing that the crash and burn is just around the corner.  Anyway, back on point, I apologize if I have not gotten back to anyone. My phone is near, but not a priority when I have two sick kids and one who is spoiled rotten (i.e. Pax) Yah boyfriend thinks the world revolves around him and it kinda does.  His way of letting me know what he