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Thank You

I haven't written in so long it seems pointless now, but then I told myself perhaps that is one of the best things I could take up doing again. It has always been so cathartic for me. If you are reading this, we are most likely friends on social media and you probably saw that yesterday was a bad, bad day. If not here you go:  I have always been an incredibly deep person. Even as a child the emotions were powerful with me.  I feel deep. I overthink. I over analyze everything! I am a wicked people pleaser and so very, very sensitive. Being an ultra sensitive person can be exhausting. I've found it to have it's positives as I have grown and learned to handle my emotions a little better. A little, being the operative word there. But I also think being these things and never being able to shut your mind down can heighten everything.  Hence why I decided to write tonight.  Yesterday I had a panic attack.  I went back and forth after things had settled down abou