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I sorta feel like Kim Kardashian lately. It's been so many photo ops and so little time.  I kid, I kid.  Paxtons photo shoot that I mentioned in my last post went on without a hitch. Boyfriend posed like it was his job and the photographer ate. him. up.  It has been sent to print, yes  print,  and will be available in a week. I will be sure to link up to it.  I was glowing with pride as Pax smiled and giggled.  I sat on the beach at sunset watching my boy, my hero. He looks whole and healthy and it was a little hard to wrap my brain around his journey.  I got quiet, introspective.  I needed a good cry I suppose.  Not sure why that evening struck me the way that it did, but if I have learned anything it's that the oddest moments are when you falter and the ones you are sure you just can't handle, you just do.  I rocked him that night as I have every other night, but this time I was drawn back to the days that I sat in the rocking chair, him in my belly, wondering if he woul
And so.... I just got a phone call asking if we would like to have our hero of a boy be on the cover of our local special needs magazine.  I was like a little girl on Christmas morning trying to contain her excitement.  I wanted to be like "omg omg, yessss, eeeeee!" to the lady, but rather simply said "we would be honored, thank you so much." You know cause I am all kinds of composed like that ; ) I don't know why this means so much to me.  I guess because my entire mission in life is to raise amazing children and help spread Paxtons story so he can help people going through the same thing.  What I would have given to have some inkling of what I was headed into.  When I think back to those months in the hospital now, it all seems like a foggy dream.  It rips my heart out to think about it and makes me want to stand up scream "Hollaaa!" all at the same time.  I know there is worse out there... I do, but seeing your four day old newborn with his chest

Lake June Baby!

How does the song go.... back to life, back to reality.   Mmm hmm, less than 24 hours upon our return from one of the best weeks ever I was bellied up in the pediatricians office; one kid with swimmers ear and one with a yeast infection in a place where boys should never get one, just saying. The water and sunscreen took its toll on my babies.  Eczema flared, toddlers sat in swimmies to long leading to exhibit B ; ) and baller little boys jumped off the second story dock that led to an ear ache so bad I couldn't take his shirt off. Oh the price we pay for fun eh'! This was Mason and I in one of the early, note: early, 30 minutes of shut eye he got since sitting in that doctors office.  Kid was in serious pain and was up ALLLL night.   So tonight, my pictures are phone I Phone pictures, because we all know girlfriend always has her phone by her side making it all to easy to shoot the hell out of some good times.  My Canon ones are to follow when I have had more than 30 minute