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...twelve weeks...

I've decided that writing is a little, no scratch that...a lot like exercising after a hiatus.  It's been on my list. It's been on my mind and especially in my heart.  I have been through a myriad of emotions since Talon has joined our family and I have done the opposite of what I did when Paxton was born. I found I am just unable to write.  Tonight though, I think I am ready. I have four children. Four BOYS!  There was so much talk of having a girl while I was pregnant, that I think I was partially brainwashed. I truly believed he was a girl until the moment I saw his boy parts to which I burst into laughter.  The whole room actually erupted in laughter when we saw it was another boy. Sheer, joyous, belly laughing laughter.  As he lays here beside me now I cannot imagine having a girl.  Talon fits so seamlessly into our family I can barely remember life before him. ***************** I remember being in the hospital drowning myself in every single moment with him.