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Finale. NEVER!

My oh' my,  every day that I swear I will find time to sit down and blog time slips by at lightening speed. I wind up looking at the clock going when did it become 9 o'clock again!   Paxton is obviously home from the hospital and I truly apologize for not at least having stopped in to share at least that much with you.  He finally started eating three days into our hospital stay and just as I was about to completely melt for lack of car and its ability to get me my McDonalds diet cokes, we were discharged,  praise God. We even made it home in time for our Fourth Of July vacation week. And I do remember lying on the vinyl hospital couch absolutely positive that we would not be making it.... just as we have had to cancel two prior trips due to Paxtons health.  Not that I care, lord knows I would go to the ends of the Earth for my little nugget.  I am just so thankful we got to go and have fun. The boys. were. in. their. glory. ******************************* And so, as t