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Life With Boys

Oh. My. Word It starts innocently: So cute, playing in the shower, until I  realize this: Covered in my hair conditioner.  Not cheap stuff and truly he is proud! Or.... Dumping cookies all over the floor on purpose To play hide and seek "finning" them! "Fine em' Aussin fine em!" Course there's falling out of the bathtub just for fun... And hiding in Mommy's hamper only to have brother spoil the surprise And climb on in to see just how much the thing can hold And really who needs clothes or rest...Why not strip and climb all over the furniture instead of napping! Or rearranging your furniture and throwing your mattress on the floor to play "SUPERMAN!"    Thought I ought to point out the touch up paint on the wall in these pics too, because life with boys means taking a car to bed each night and using the wall as a racetrack.  Needless to say, the touch up paint didn't work so I guess it's time to paint the whole room

Summer's Here

Why is it that I have never loved Summer more than I do this year?  I can only attribute it to my children.  They bring me back to a time where days are filled with the smell of sunscreen and chlorine. Where bedtimes extend far beyond what they are during the fall.  Time seems to stand still, the days grow long, driveways filled with toys and popsicle drippings.  Picnics by the pool feeding little bellies... Running around with brother finding trouble where trouble is to be had Taking A Load Off Floating About Or Not ; ) Popsicles To Cool Off The Hottest Of Days Birthday Parties, Balloons And Cake (Notice The Empty Plate) Oh' that hat, so priceless! **************************** Because really these two pictures melt my heart.... The obvious love radiates Yes, yes I do love Summer! I look at these pictures and know that I am blessed beyond belief and give thanks for the gift that Paxton is

My Dawn

It is 6:30 in the morning.  I have been up since 4 am. I have already fed and changed the baby, worked out from 5 to 6 and showered.  I am now sitting in my favorite chair, the house ever so silent, which is rare around these parts, staring out our window at the lake. The sun is just beginning to rise and I am content.  There are many what ifs in our world right now, but for the moment, maybe just these next few minutes before the hustle and bustle of life begins, I am at peace with whatever lies ahead. The world before it has woken... oh' how I love it. The early morning hours when life is still still, it's my favorite time. To reflect. To pray. To love. To stare. ************************** Paxton is having some heart issues. We are headed to Tampa to see why this is.  In all honesty the doctors don't know what is going on with him. They can't explain why he continually looks sun burnt and bloodshot.  This was to be expected just after surgery, but not six weeks post

Don't Give Up On Us

We're still here and we've got a lot to say! Be back in jiffy ; ) ~J and the boys

Mommy's Day

This day holds  many different emotions for so many. I have spent a great deal of time today thinking of the many Mommy's who spent the day today in a hospital room bedside to their child.  I have spent time thinking about the Mommy's who have babies in heaven. Who wish this day never existed because each time that it rolls around it ribs the scab that has formed since the last reminder.  I have spent a great deal of time today thinking about my own Mom. Who I do not presently know and have not seen since grade school. How that is possible, I will never know, because lord help me if ever there were a day that I didn't have access to my babies.  I have spent time thinking about the Mommy that I am and the Mommy I will continue learning to be, because really the learning never ends.  I have spent time thinking about all the Mommy's in my life and in my kids lives.  I spent time thinking of our baby boy in heaven. It is... a day that makes us all stop and reflect.  I, for

An Apple A Day Is NOT working

Oh'  heavens my babies. All of them are so sick.   Austin has a ruptured ear drum and I hear that is pretty painful.  He has been a trooper and quite frankly the only way I knew was when I saw the oozy yuckies coming out of his ear.  My sweet, sweet boy!   Paxton has literally had a runny nose since before we left the hospital and has since gone from his nose to his throat. He is having such trouble sleeping and within the last two hours has spiked a fever of 102. I got him to sleep as of now and am waiting on a phone call from my doctor on how to proceed.   Mason has a bad cold, but nothing that is really bad except the exhaustion that comes with a bad cold.   Sleep around here is few and far between. I am living off massive amounts of caffeine and snuggling the heck out of my babies. Can't say I mind that part.  My to do list keeps getting longer and longer, but I  know in the end that is not what matters.  My thank you notes, Paxtons birth announcements