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Long Time No See

My goodness am I due for an update. Well, for starters, we had an amazing time on our Disney cruise. The boys were in awe of everything and completely tuckered out by the time we returned home. We did not do so well during the safety drill. (As in, the staff let us sneak out early because Mason was wailing so loud. Nice job Mae) We ran into some bad weather but that did not stop us from having the time of our lives together as a family. We played and swam in the rain! Had 12 to 14 foot swells from a storm that had me clutching the sheets with my toes, the closet doors swinging open and closed. The boat was creaking so badly that I wondererd if we were going to make it home in one piece, but we did! Nope, it did not bother the boys one bit, in case you were wondering. We vegged and watched movies. Disney movies of course, and if I see Madagascar ever again I may lose my mind. We ate! Well... Dave and I did. The boys were to enamoured with everything going on to eat. Man, I wish

Boy or Girl????

I am 17 weeks pregnant and today we were blessed with another look at our precious baby. We are getting ready to set sail on Sunday so our Doctor wanted to make sure everything was ok. As it stands, everything is PERFECT! Our baby is absolutely beautiful! Biased, I know! I felt such tremendous relief today as I felt a wave of peace come over me laying there on the table that maybe, just maybe, this baby's gonna make it after all... Our ultrasound tech gave us the option of finding out the sex and of course we declined. Who can stand it? She said that she wasn't going to look, but I told her to. She has always been the only person to ever know what we are having and I had to keep the tradition going. She has been our tech through two previous full term pregnancies, a miscarriage and now this one! I think she loves to be the only one to know and I think its pretty cool myself. So, Dave and I turned our heads as she tried to peek around down there, however our baby decide

Pieces Of Our Day

Austin "laxing" in the chair having a snack. Look at that smile! Masons fat lip after falling over a ball on the floor. Austin, who will not keep his clothes on for anything, passed out in bed only after once again, stripping down.


Last week I did the boys achievements and got a bit behind on Austins. I started the post just before Mothers Day and blogger posts according to the date started so Austins FINISHED post is just before Mothers Day. Be sure to take a peek at how amazing he is doing!

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day I wanted to stop in and wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the hard working Mothers out there. It is such a blessing to be a Mommy and I cannot say enough how thankful I am for my two boys. They lift me up, they make me laugh and cry. They are my reason for living and I cannot imagine my life without them. I wonder where we will be next year at this time with, hopefully, a brother or sister to join the bunch. May all of you reading this, be as blessed as I have been with the endless joy of a child. They made me a Ma Ma and I couldn't be more proud. Thank you boys, for the honor of being your Mom every day!

Austins Achievements

My boys are growing up fast so yesterday I wrote about Masons milestones and today is Austins day. It is extremely hard for me to believe my first born is going to be three years old. I find it funny how in Motherhood, time seems to fly by yet it seems like just yesterday he was born. What I am thankful for, is knowing both. For knowing how quickly it flies by allows me to relish each and every moment and I can truly say that I do. There may be days where I might not have a shred of energy left in me to get up, but I do because I know, and I literally think this too, that there are millions of women out there who would give anything to have what I have. To have children to tire them out and children to get up to. I am blessed, I know this. I look at Austin and I see how far he has come and he makes me so proud! Austin (32 months old) Loves his brother beyond measure. Whenever he is not around, Austin asks for him. If Austin is at the table to eat first and Mason is not yet there

Masons Milestones

It's really hard for me to believe as I watched my boys wrestle in the hallway this morning that they are going to be two and three in just a matter of months. It saddens me because I know in the blink of an eye they will be all grown up and yet it thrills me to see the growth and knowledge they have gained and continue to gain each day. So I thought I would give some milestones and highlights of where they are in their lives. Today will be Masons day and tomorrow will be dedicated to Austin. Mason (18 months old): Is running everywhere, sometimes so fast that he can't stop in time and usually winds up hurt from running into something or falling down from his momentum. He is definetly my climber as well. He climbs chairs to get on tables and couches to get onto our bed. He has yet to be badly injured but I fear the day is coming. See here, on the table reading a book. He has also decided to put himself on a diet, I would say he is approximatly 29 lbs. He has gone from

"A Beautiful Message"

Today I had the most amazing thing happen to me. The most unbelievable part is that I was just going about another normal day with the boys and this message came my way. I was at our clubhouse sitting in the sunshine while the boys had swim lessons. A lady walked up to me and asked if Austin and Mason were my boys. (She heard their swim instructor calling them by name) I said that yes they were and she proceeded to tell me that she had two boys, named Austin and Mason. They are 13 and 10. I thought this was amazing. How rare that someone with two boys would have the same names as our boys and lived in our neighborhood. She went on to have one more child, her girl, who was there at the pool with her. I told her we were hoping for a girl too. I went about enjoying the weather and thinking how funny it was that I had come across this lady. Once the boys were done I went over to see their progress and then began changing them out of their wet suits. Only then did I hear the same la