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Potty Training Triumphs

Ok, so I, with the help of my amazing sister, have successfully managed to potty train my first born! Yeehaw! I am so excited, relieved and proud. It took roughly three days of what we call "potty training boot camp" and he had it down. We used no diapers, pull ups or padded underwear. It was big boy pants and lots of accidents, but we managed to get er' done! He caught on extremely quickly and was motivated by praise alone. He can be as stubborn as all get out so I did not anticipate this to be quite so easy. Although when I think back to Austins other big milestones like his big boy bed and paci break up, he has really adapted well to the big changes and this one has proven that! Here are the boys, not the least bit phased by their big boy pants. The wrestling continues, come potty training or not! We also tried to get Mason on board, hoping he would follow in his brothers footsteps. So far, to no avail. He will stay dry all night so I know he does have bladder

It's Summer, Summer, Summer Time!!!

We began the sizzling summer with a bang, hanging with the Sommer gang! With cake to boot, the boys were a hoot! (Don't ask about the 8, my sister and brother actually turned 14 but 8 was all we had, oops!) There was arts, crafts and painting galore! Lots of messes that Ma Ma scored. Lots of water to explore and heinies galore! It's only the beginning of our fun in the sun with two little boys always on the run!

Time With My Boys

I realized this evening that loss never leaves those who have had to let go to soon. One of my biggest struggles when Tadem passed was my need for wanting people to remember him. I have since come to grips with the fact that I may be the only one to remember him the way I want him to be remembered and that is ok. I know my baby boy is in heaven and I know I will see him again one day and he will feel the love I have for him. As time goes on, the pain diminishes and love remains in its place. People move on as well and the shock of the loss eases, yet the many dates and anniversaries never leave the one who's loss it was. I pray tonight that a dear friend finds peace on a day that should have been her sons 24th birthday. I cannot even begin to imagine the depths she has been to and yet she always comes out on top. I know her son is in heaven so proud of her strength. I, myself, admire that in her. She was there for me when I didn't know up from down. She has been there, i

School's Out For Summer!

Today was Austins last day of preschool for Summer. I say that lightly because he will be going to Summer camp at the same place. We are doing this to keep him adjusted to leaving his Ma Ma. You see, it was only about 2 months ago that I was able to drop him off without full blown kicking, screaming, flailing himself on the floor in the middle of the hallway, dead weight, so no one could even remotely pick him up without breaking their backs. The kid knows what he's doing! I was not about to start this fiasco all over again in the fall, sooo.. .high ho high ho, it's off to camp Austin goes! He can go as many days per week from 7:30 to 5:30 that we so desire. He has yet to ever stay past 11:45 so I am not sure what we will do as far as camp hours go. We may try Monday, Wednesday and Friday and see how it goes. We have no choice but to pay for the whole week so I figure we may as well get an extra day out of it, no... So, annnyyywayyy, I love my tangents. Today was the last d

Memories Amidst The Chaos

I apologize for not having written sooner. It seems harder and harder to write as the days pass on. I want to, but I also want to keep up with the boys, our home and with my own health. I have been suffering from migraines this trimester. In fact, I can feel one creeping up as we speak and I just had one that lasted nearly 3 days this past week. They are awful and painful but more than anything I hate that I can't be with my children when they come. I hate the toll they take on my body and I worry for the baby in my belly. So far, though, the baby seems to be doing great! I can feel him or her moving a lot now and for that I am ever so grateful. I am looking forward to the next glimpse I am blessed to have of him or her. A little reassurance that all the growth and development is going well. My belly has apparently popped! Everyone I encounter has been telling me this lately and boy do I love to hear it. I love my belly. I love to feel the baby kick. I love to know that I am