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So truth be told most of this post was written well over a week and a half ago, but as per usual, life got in the way.  And here we are, a trip to Louisiana and another lake vaca behind us. It has truly been a whirlwind the past two months. I am not sure of up from down right now and the frequent emotional tears seem to consummate that.  I think I am ready for life to slow downnnn.... And speaking of slowing down, about a week and a half ago, I took the boys to Barnes and Noble and as  I stepped off of the escalator I saw a woman looking at me.  We met eyes for a moment and she quickly said "I read your blog, I recognized you from it."  I felt like a wannabe celebrity, but most of all I was proud to show her Paxton tearing through the store the healthiest he has ever been. Which reminded me what I wrote above..... that  I really need to put the breaks on more often so I can update this blog that has been such a source of comfort for me. I think at this point I only have ab

The Lake 2012

It was as promised. Even with Tropical storm Debbie owning the place the entire time we were there.  Didn't stop us. Apparently we set up shop on the dock just as a tornado touched down 1/4 mile away across the lake, unbeknownst to us. Oopsie! The sun and the rain danced around each other the whole time, but we relaxed. We played. We laughed, a lot. We got pulled over...on a lake...oh yes we did. We tubed. We slept. We ate, way to much.  We made memories. Sweet, sweet memories that are much better in pictures than from my blubbering mouth. the best view in the world right there... my happy boys. their first year tubing.... mommy had to close her eyes at first fearless! so fearless mason appears bored ; ) not sure why he's not a model yet... ...chilaxin... best friends! ***************** And here I am slaloming for the first time. I am proud of this. Why you ask... because I have had three kids in 4 years,  I am old, rickety, sleep