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Holy Halloween Batman (pun intended...)

 Oh hey there... Bet ya'll forgot about me... I don't blame you.  Not sure why I have refused to sit down and write lately. My heart has been kind of full, heavy, overflowing if you will. It happens I suppose, but it doesn't allow for good writing.  No one wants to read the hard stuff.  The injured and unable to run Chicago marathon which was my goal for like ever now that was probably a blessing in disguise because I am not sure Chicago is a good place to step foot, now or maybe ever stuff.  The not sleeping, constant worry, gearing up for Fontan surgery stuff.  The memory lane, song sends you over the edge, just don't understand stuff.  Yah' that's the stuff you shove down, push away, avoid at all costs because it hurts stuff.  So I grab my rather large box of band aids and cover it all up with quiet birthdays at home, wild birthdays out with friends, spooning with my babies, afternoons at the zoo, tractor riding, pumpkin patching, nemo and batman pimpin

The Silver Freaking Lining Peeps

My birthday...? Yesss, about that.  It was heavenly.  I want to be there again right now. I am pretty sure that's how the rich and famous do it and I am pretty sure the hubs had a full blown heart attack when he saw the bill.  He went all out cause he's amazing like that.  It looked a little like this: And this: Heavenly right...It was over all to soon.  The cool thing about things like that being over quickly is I always get to come home to this: It's like a party every time we return from anywhere.  They make me feel like the coolest, most needed person in the world and that in and of itself feels heavenly. horrible picture, sheer joy ********************** I have been a little emotional this week (shocking, I know) and I have come to the realization that I am just not ready for my baby to not be a baby anymore.  Paxton David will be turning two on Saturday.  My life two years ago today was that of sheer terror.  I was 9 months pregnant and sca