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Sommer Elizabeths Birth Story 7 Months In The Making...

It's been over a year since I have last written. My how life has been so very heavy and utterly breathtaking in the same breath.  I have tried to write since this post and words have failed me time and again. Today I will move forward. Today my therapy begins again. My heart will open back up and do what it loves to do the most. Write. Today I will share with you my daughter, yes DAUGHTERS , birth story. She deserves that.  He deserves that because there is no doubt Dad went to the throne and helped make this happen.  (kelly goggin photography) I knew that I was pregnant just mere weeks before losing my Dad.  Because I had lost a second trimester baby in the past, we decided not to tell anyone until we got a little further along. To say we were shocked at this ‘suprise’ is putting it mildly.  This baby would make five for us and holy hell five is a lot.  Some of us were happier than others, not naming any names David ;). As I pushed throu