Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Surgery Update

Paxton is on the books for 7 tomorrow morning. I will update you all as news arises. Thank you for the prayers and gentle reminders that God is in control here. We are now shacked up in our old stomping grounds; Ronald McDonald House! Today we caught up on naps and cuddle time. I am going to check out early tonight, well early for me anyway, say hello to my li-le friend ny-quil and try to rest because I am guessing if all goes as planned tomorrow there will be little time for it in the coming days. Again, I am humbled by each and every one of you near and far for your kindness and love. I will rest my head tonight enveloped in a peace only all of you (ok and ny-quil ;) can provide. My baby boy is wrapped in prayer and support so thick it gives me goosebumps. For that, I thank you all. I know that life goes on outside this hospital so all of you taking the time to reach out to us in the midst of your busy lives to lift us up, to send messages and meals and offer to do anything at any time means more than you know.

On that note I leave you with my all time favorite quote:

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have...

Love and hugs~

Ps pics coming, you all know I despise a post without pics. Stupid iPad. Laptop is en route and then y'all can see those gorgeous baby blues again ;)


Anonymous said...

My name is Lissa and my daughter Callie is in Austin's class. She came home wearing her bracelet tonight and told me about Paxton's broken heart. She told me that we needed to prey! I found your blog through Anne DeVoe and am in tears tonight over your story. My father had a heart transplant at Tampa general 7 years ago, and I believe in miracles... We are praying for you and your family!! And next time I see you I am giving you a big hug!!

Janine said...

Still praying.

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