Monday, March 12, 2012

Game On Peeps....

This is the favorite picture of my boy...its speaks to me. It reperesents.  Each one of those pilings behind him in the picture is a procedure he had to overcome in his young little life. Be it one of the many thousands of needle pokes all over his body, the surgeries for feeding tubes, the sedated echos, the open heart surgeries, the hospitalizations for uti's or hand mouth foot viruses. The list my friends, goes on, but my hero fought and jumped from piling to piling with a fight I have never seen.  Today we are teetering on one last big piling.  We are about to make one last big jump for awhile. I come to you near and far this morning asking you to begin the prayers for my boy. I am literally shaking from head to toe as I type this.  I am going to be handing my son over in less than 48 hours for open heart surgery again and I am scared to the very core of my being.  The hot tears will not stop flowing. Wherever you are the moment you read this please, I beg of you to stop and pray for my  Paxton. He is truly a work of God and as I have said so many times before I just know in my heart of hearts that he is here to do great things for Him, but that does not stifle my fear.  

Send me messages, pictures, whatever you would like.  Show me how you are lifting him up!  I will share with him each and every way that he is being honored when he is well enough.  He will know one day that he is a hero.  I document this so that he knows his struggle is not in vein.  The wall in his room is covered in your support!  He knows he is loved and as he continues the last leg of his journey (for now) keep it coming my peeps, you have never let him down and the power of prayer has certainly gotten him this far!!! 

Also I finally got new bracelets in. I have had requests foreverrrrr. I am sorry it has taken so long!  If you would like one, email or message me and I will make sure sister gets one out to you asap~ ; )

Show me what you got peeps!!!!! 
I will keep you updated I pinky promise.

true love...

Love and hugs~


cici said...

Paxton is surrounded in Prayer. I wish I could be there to hold your hand through all this.
May God give you strength and calmness and a Healthy Pink Boy.

Dear God, please put your divine hand of healing upon Paxton. He is so small Lord and You are so grand. everyone is small compared to You Lord. You are our great physician, maker of miracles, our mighty King. Would You please heal him completely and totally and may he be a living testament of Your glory. I pray, give Paxton peace and strength and comfort and his Mom and whole family as well. Thank You for Your faithfulness. in Jesus blessed name, Amen.

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Would love to wear a Pax bracelet. I'll be praying for your little man and you and your guys from Freedom Hollow Farm in middle Tennessee.

Prayers and hugs going your way,
3762 John Bill Dobbins Road
Williamsport TN 38487

Amy Bennett said...

Sending you more love and prayers than you can imagine from our Coast to yours! Pax, know that you have a fellow heart buddy pulling for you all the way out here in Cali. And know that you have a fellow heart mom feeling your pain, your worry and your fear out here as well - and sending it all up to God and asking for HIS loving arms to envelop you all.


Amy & Bodie

Christin said...

Praying for Paxton and your family. I can't imagine what your going through. But I do know prayer can change lives and save lives. We would love to represent your fighting boy! I'll e-mail our address.

Me said...

rocking our prayer bracelets! my girls asked about paxton's heart when we were saying our prayers tonight. they had tons of questions, i did my best to explain...

we are praying for paxton and all of you. be strong!

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