And he's off

Paxton is out of surgery and recovering. He is heavily sedated as of now, but all went well and doctors are happy with the repair. God is good! Prayers were answered. Today is a damn good, beautiful day. I will update more later. Thank you all for walking this journey beside us !

Update 8:10 am. Just got call they have made the first incision and are working through scar tissue now. He is stable and doing awesome.

7:20 am They have taken Paxton back to the OR. I will update when I know more. Please pray for my boy.


Anonymous said…
We received our Praying for Paxton bracelets yesterday after chapel. Mason was so excitted to pass them out to everone in class and is so proud to be Paxton's big brother. Mrs. B's class is praying for Paxton!

Dana Muller
Anonymous said…
Praying for your gorgeous boy n family.
All will go perfect. I have faith.

Elis xx
Amy Bennett said…
Reading and stalking the blog - and praying for sweet Pax. Hope all is going well!!! Heart Hugs!
Anonymous said…
My family is PRAYING so very hard for Paxton and your family.. What a strong brave boy..

Hear Hugs Paxton
The Meade Family in Ks!
(Maccoy TOF)
Anonymous said…
Praying for you and Pax in Utah!
cici said…
Let the Healing begin!!!! :)
Janine said…
Glad the surgery is behind you. Praying for a quick recovery.
Amy Owler said…
I think Sue got sick of my texts so she sent me your blog... Thinking of you and Paxton as well as the rest of your family. Glad to her he is on recovery road xx
Anonymous said…

I've been checking your blog quite a bit here lately to hear/read how Paxton, came with his surgery. Was thinking and praying for your family throughout the day. So glad to hear the surgery went well for him. Now to recover. Get in plenty of snuggle time.

WHOO HOO! So glad Pax is doing well and the surgery went good.

Continuing to pray at Freedom Hollow Farm in middle Tennessee for your brave boy.

zaneymama said…
So glad to hear everything went smoothly, he has been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be throughout his recovery. One month from tomorrow it's our turn. Congrats on getting through a huge hurdle!!
Angela Pruess
heartmom of Zoey
Me said…
Go Pax Go! You are AMAZING!! Jaime has been keeping me updated with pictures etc. He is such a BRAVE BOY! Such a FIGHTER!! My girls ask me throughout the day how he's doing. "Mommy, how's Paxton doing? He's such a cutie."

Thank you WEST'S for being such an inspiration!
Shannon said…
I am friends with Lori Chadwick and she told me about your family today. My little girl had OHS last Jan at all Childrens. I am so glad he is out of surgery and everything went smoothly. I'll be keeping him in my prayers that you all will be home soon.
Christin said…
I keep checking your blog for updates!! I pray that Paxton is recovering well! God Bless!

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