Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Proudly Introduce To You...

Paxton West status post Norwood, Glenn and Fon-freaking-tan!!!


8 days post op and nothing remains on this child, but IV access in his right arm.  All chest tubes pulled, pacing wires pulled and all art lines pulled.  Peg tube replaced for a mickey button today and all his meds are PO.  Meds being lasix, asprin, tylenol and clindamycin.

It's close!  So close I can smell it.  Smell it as in my home, dinner in the oven, laundry wafting through the house, the nape of my older boys necks.

The book that started it all is coming to a close.  Who's ready for the sequel....

Love and hugs~


Anonymous said...

stopping by for an update.. this picture made me cry for 3 reasons..
1.)Reminds me of Maccoy post op
2.)No child should have to go through this.
3.) He is Such a Rockstar!!

Way to go Paxton! Keep trucking little guy!! Your so strong!!

Heart Hugs from Ks!

Shannon said...

So glad everything is going smoothly! Before you know it, you will be running your fingers across that scar that will be barely visible :) I will be praying you are back home soon... hospital life can be so wearing.

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