Wednesday, March 14, 2012


No sooner are we admitted and in a gown than we are released. Paxton's surgeon was in emergency surgery with a Norwood baby all night and did not feel comfortable operating on Paxton. For that I am grateful. While I felt deflated for having to wait another day I knew it was for good reason. Patience is one of the many traits I have become quite accustomed to since having Paxton. Endless hours in the hospital will teach you that whether you like it or not. So we wait another day. My heart goes out to the family that was up all night with their newborn baby in emergency surgery and my heart thanks our amazing surgeon yet again for being ever so cautious with my sons life. Please continue with the prayers for Paxton! Tomorrow we make that last jump! Tomorrow, God willing, is his turn. Tomorrow starts a new chapter. I am told we are first on the list just as we were today. I will keep you updated as we hear anything.
love and hugs


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Yes God whispered in the surgeons ear "today is not a good day for you to "fix" Pax's heart. Rest today and tomorrow I will guide your hands, mind, and soul to work a miracle on that amazing little boy!". And although hard to wait another day the surgeon listened to God. That is definitely who we want him to listen to!

cici said...

so sorry about the postponement. Maybe you needed that trial run to prepare yourself more.
It gives us more time for Prayer too.
Stay strong mommy.

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