Not Me Monday!

I don't think I really have any Not Me's this week. I do everything the way it's supposed to be done...
It's not like I went to get my first pedicure in over a month only to realize when I got there that the hair on my legs could very well be braided! I was not horribly embarrassed! The lady did not mention that I may want to run a razor over the bottom half of my body. My Mother and sister were not in fits of laughter over the entire ordeal!

And it's not like I let the boys eat a cookie for dinner at the spaghetti dinner after they refused to eat anything. I would never feel that something in their bellies was better than nothing in their bellies. I am not an anti junk food Mom that gave in to my children as if they might starve after one night of refusing dinner.

I did not pray/beg the Lord to grant me just a smidge of leftover energy for my husband. He did not oblige and my husband was not in shock and completely ecstatic. Thank you Jesus for the simple blessings too!

I did not let Austin run around without a diaper on because all he ever does is take it off and quite frankly I did not feel like fighting him to put it back on. He did NOT go into my bathroom and pee directly in front of the toilet. I did not praise him for giving it his best shot at getting NEAR the potty!

I am not SO completely thankful to a dear friend for bringing over a huge box of toys for the boys to have. I am not psyched that it's like Christmas here and the boys are entertained for hours on end so that I was able to empty the friggin' dishwasher. It's not the really little things like emptying the dishwasher that make me so proud of my accomplishments that day!

I did not go to yoga last week to try once again to keep my heiny in shape only to be unable to move for the 2 days following!
I am totally fit and in shape and one round of power yoga would not have me howling in pain at the simple task of picking up my children!

I am not a gloating, proud MaMa because my two year old son says bless you to any person within a mile that sneezes. I do not think my son is the smartest, kindest, well mannered child there is. ( Do not look at my Target run blogs, for those only contradict my last statement) =)

Lastly, I am not and would never be looking at the clock nearing nap time in such excitement. I most certainly will not march my pregnant heiny directly to my big, warm, comfy bed and immediately fall into the deepest sleep!

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TuTu's Bliss said…
I love all of your not me..mine is going to the bathroom after Yoga. I thought I was going to have to install handrails after a round of squats just to get off the toilet or call for hubby's help.

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