The Most Beautiful Words

There are moments in life that are downright amazing and indescribable. Like childbirth for instance, I have never done anything in my life that I am so proud of. It IS to this day my biggest accomplishment. There is just nothing like it. Then there are moments that are smaller, without all of the hype and excitement surrounding them. When those little moments happen, you stop and think, wow, that was such a beautiful, simple, forever remembered moment.

Yesterday I was buckling Austin into his car seat because he was going on an adventure with his Dad. I told him to have fun, to be good and stay out of trouble and I kissed him on the fore head and before I could get my final words to him out, he beat me to the punch. He looked at me and said "LOVE YOU" Truly, the world, well... MY world, stood still for a moment. It was the first time that my boy had said those words to me without me saying them first. It was clear to me then, that my 2 1/2 year old son had begun to understand love. Do I tell him at every corner that I love him, yes! Do I tell him every time (which are few) that he is not with me that I love him, yes! Did he probably know what was coming next out of my mouth next, yes! However, I also believe there are moments where you just know. In the last 6 months I have gained a lot of clarity into those moments and when Austin said that to me, he knew what he meant. I am still thinking about it today. It was a moment that I took and tucked away in my heart forever. I think those are words we all, as Mothers, wait to hear. If he only he knew how much I loved him too...

On a lighter note, Dave and I went to Costco to stock up on things. Seriously, isn't it amazing the amount of paper towels you go through with a big family... I tried the whole cloth towels thing to help the environment but Dave looks at me sideways when there are no paper towels. There are some things he is on board with and there are others that will just not happen in this house! Anyway, I am super proud of Costco for starting to carry a huge line of organic products. Everything from oatmeal to cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. GO COSTCO. We even got organic animal crackers for the boys. Only when I got home I continually make the mistake of putting the groceries on the floor. Um...not a good ideal when you have two toddlers to rummage through the bags and then strew everything about the house! Someday, I will learn! In doing this, the boys found the VERY large container of crackers and said "cookie" "cookie." Really, who can say no to those baby blues
(Austin, that is! Mason, was blessed (sarcasm) with my green eyes) so I opened the jar and this is what the boys proceeded to do.

I was unable to get a shot of the aftermath when I took the jar away from them due to the screaming, kicking, hissy fit, tantrum throwing, snot running mess that ensued! Ahh... the joys of sweet, sweet Motherhood!

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