My Beautiful Boys

Happy Saturday! Have I mentioned how much I love Saturdays =)

I wanted to post a couple of cute moments in the West household. For starters, I mentioned in last post how Mason likes to help Mommy empty the dishwasher. He did it again yesterday and I was able to catch a few shots of my big boy! Since he follows me everywhere, including the laundry room, he also began helping me take laundry and put it in the washer. He is going to make some woman very happy one day! He is such a happy, snuggly, babbling bundle of pure joy. So here he is: my domestic little man

I mean look at him!
And then there's my Austin Bear. Although not quite as domestic he is my kind, loving, sensitive, hand holding boy! My kids love of fruit is no secret. We always say they are "fruitatarians" and I spend half my life at Publix getting fresh fruit for them. Anyway, the other day the boys were eating fresh raspberries and they suddenly figured out how fun it was to put them on their fingers and eat them that way. Austin, the smart boy that he is, did it all on his own and now will only eat them off his fingers. Mason needed a little help but found it all to funny! So here is the charmer himself!

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