Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Days

After a couple days of sadness I am doing much better. I believe a surge in hormones contributed to my mood although those feelings were all very real and hard to sit with. So tonight I wanted to share some amazing photos of the boys this past weekend at a water park here in town. I took them there on a whim with my sister and the boys had the best time. It literally filled me up to see them so happy. Austin is doing wonderful. Although he is struggling with a bit of the terrible two's he continues to be my cuddle bug. His speech has taken off. He has started saying multiple word sentences and does extremely well with his speech therapist. Today in therapy, Austin put part of a puzzle together and when he did, he screamed out "I did it!" with his arms in the air as if crossing a finish line at a race. It was priceless. Mason is talking up a storm as well. His favorite word is tractor and he pretty much calls everything that. He also has an amazing fascination with rocks and well....eating of course! We caught Mason literally yanking Austin by the hair out of a motorized bus we have for the boys. It was the first time I really saw Mason stand up for what he wanted. We by no means let it go unnoticed and he was told no! Although him laughing in my face at the reprimand made me wonder about the years ahead. The boys will fight over who sits in Ma Ma's lap and I always make room for both. It's such an amazing blessing to have my boys with me everyday. To see every moment of their growth, to see their smiles, their progress and their struggles. I wonder how I will handle the struggles my boys endure. I say that because tonight Austin hit Mason whilst throwing a puzzle in the air. Mason proceeded to cry and Austin's face was heartbroken. He knew he had done wrong and he fought back tears all the while twisting his tongue around to keep from crying. The mere sight of that heartbroken face put tears in my eyes and I literally looked away. I knew he needed to know that throwing can hurt somebody instead of being coddled out of it so I looked away. It was hard and I know it will be hard as the boys grow and endure life's trials and tribulations. I love them with all that I am and I never want them to be sad or upset but unfortunately that is part of life. Anyway, I went off on a tangent tonight, sorry about that. Here are the pics of my beautiful boys. My greatest blessings.

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