Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am going to make this post short tonight. I just wanted to comment on how very, very tired I am right now. I have even been napping when the boys nap lately and I am still exhausted come 7:30 at night. I welcome this exhaustion and each and every restless, heartburn, ravenous filled day! Our precious and very loved Tadem went to meet Jesus far to soon and in experiencing that loss I learned the beautiful lesson of taking nothing for granted. I give every ounce of energy I have to the boys during the day and come nightfall I hit a wall. I feel badly for my husband for he is a tiny bit neglected at the moment, but I know that he understands and knows of course this is all his fault =) That's what I tell him anyway! I am anxious for our ultrasound next week. I hope and pray that this baby is healthy and makes it into our arms whole and healthy. In the meantime I will take whatever comes my way and know that as long as our baby is o.k., I can handle any amount of sleep deprivation handed to me. Now it is time to take the toothpicks out of my eyes and head to slumber land! Keep us in your prayers as we delicatlely walk through each week of this pregnancy...

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