Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well friends, today was my "honey's" birthday! For those of you who don't know, my "honey" is my husband. It started with Austin saying that every time Dave and I kissed. Only he says it more like "huuunnnyyy" it is so gal darn cute! So, Dave is now "honey" on the blog. Today we made "Honey" birthday breakfast and got him cupcakes on our errands out for us to enjoy tonight. I have to share with you the pictures of my oh' so different children eating them. I don't even think I need to explain which one is "Honey" and which one is me!

Yesterday we went out on the boat!

My sister came and helped us so much. Is it terribly wrong of me to wish she didn't have to go to school and that she could move in with me and just keep me company all of the time. I just love having her around. In any case, we weren't planning such an outing but the weather has been so great and "Honey" wanted to do something fun on the day he took off from work. We brought my friend Eileen and her son Jackson. The boys had such a blast and lasted well into the late afternoon. I am so proud of all of them for being such troopers. I am not proud of the fact that I completely forgot to apply sunscreen to my entire backside which happened to be facing toward the sun and the result is fried beyond fried skin. I am such a sun screen advocate and I just can't believe I did that to myself. My boys however, have not one single spot on them. Gee, could it be because I was so worried about them that I forgot about myself, oops! As it turns out the boys are now very sick. I am a tad worried about their breathing and hope we wake up in a better place tomorrow. The last time I was worried about Masons breathing we wound up in the ER at midnight with RSV!
Speaking of Mason, I had to post this last photo of him at the beach. It was about 3:30 and he was so tired and cold. So we undressed him and I rocked him and his "tiny heiny" hanging out melted my heart. Oh' so sweet!

I also surprised Dave with our Disney cruise that I planned for May! I cannot even tell you how beyond excited I am for us and for the boys! It cannot get here quick enough! It has been a long time coming and with a new baby on the way it was super necessary to get this in asap! As far as the pregnancy, so far so good. I will go in for confirmation blood work on Friday and at 8 weeks will have my first ultrasound. At this time I am handling it well. I have a very positive attitude and am grateful for that. I asked God for strength in this journey and although it is early, so far He has graced me. Please keep the baby and I in your thoughts for a safe pregnancy and ultimately a perfect delivery. We can do this! Through Him, all things are possible...

As many of you know, I try to feed my kids an all organic diet! I am very particular about what I feed them and am proud of what they will eat, if only for not knowing any better. (fyi~we had a scare with Austin very early on that led me to this diet, when you worry for your child's health that never goes away and you will do whatever it takes to fix it.) In any case, it was just a scare but I continue on the organic diet and lack of certain foods because I feel it is good for them. I do not push it on anyone else as I hope others wont judge me for the things that I do. I will say that I do NOT deprive my kids of everything. They have never had a donut but they have had McDonald's. In fact we cannot drive by the big yellow arches without Austin screaming "shake" as in chocolate milkshake. They eat wheat bread but have most certainly had M&M's. They don't know what a hot dog tastes like and they love hummus (swear on my life) wraps but they will strangle each other over a french fry. I do not want to deprive them of everything only to have them turn around and binge on all things crap because I never allowed it. Vacations are relaxed on food options (which usually leads to throwing up from both my kids because they are not used to the junk, but that's beside the point) In any case, I posted this paragraph because of this photo:

We had chips and crackers and cookies for our boating day and Austin could NOT get enough of the Frito's. He kept walking back to the beach bag to find them and I just had to post this for all of those people out their (this is NOT directed at you E, pinky swear =) who think I am off my rocker for the diet that I feed my kids. I get made fun of more than I can ever begin to share with you but I stand my ground and know that there are those that love me more for it! This picture is proof that I am not the food Nazi I have been labled =) =)

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Ashley Babyyy said...

I had so much fun of the boat even though I go the worst sunburn tks for having me over. <333

Ashley Babyyy said...

Love the pictures of the boys eating the cupcakes what a difference in the 2. <333

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