Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hmm...What To Call Today

As crazy as it may seem some days in my world, I have to say I just love it. So today, I decided to try and make a Target run before Kindermusik. Well, no, I HAD to make a Target run because I am SOOO out of diapers and wipes and I have needed a hairbrush for weeks now because I have had my old one so long that it literally split in half one day. Or maybe I was so angry that I snapped it in half...hmm... In any case, using my boys fine tooth miniature brush just does not cut it on my out of control, curly mane! I used to have stick straight and hair and ever since I had children it looks like I may very well have put my finger in a light socket. Anyway, as I was saying, I piled the boys into the car and off we went. Wellll, the moment I unloaded the boys and put them in the Lysol sprayed shopping cart, I find out that one of the wheels is broken on it. I considered for a short moment, unloading them into a cart that might actually move, but decided that was way to much work and that pushing 2 thirty pound children around in a cart with bum wheels was a better idea???? Lets just say I got my arm workout in for the day. We proceeded to shop and I proceeded to start sweating and I am not sure if it was the cart issue or the fact that my children were screaming for every bloody thing we passed by. I mean everything. All of a sudden lotion bottles had some sort of appeal to my children and the hooting and hollering began. Then we had to get diapers, as previously mentioned, well as every Mom knows, in order to get to the diapers, you must pass the...right, toys!!! Lovely, now the hooting and hollering turns into very loud screams, standing in the cart, jumping up and down, kicking, snot dripping, slobbery, throwing what IS in the cart out meltdowns. All the while I continue to pick up what they throw and shove all of the items into the bottom portion of the buggy (you know the part meant for like soda or something) because if I put it where it belongs either child would repeatedly hurl the item at any given person or object in his way. Somehow during this stunt they wound up with two trucks, a piano and a training bike. I mean really, I must stop this. The bike was in fact on my list, I promise. No, it really was. The trucks... well they were sand trucks and we had none yesterday at the beach and Austin wanted some other little boys and the bully would not share. So I HAD to get some to have on hand for our next beach adventure. And the piano, well, it was cute and I know the boys will love it. Maybe I should start going to counseling for spoiling my children. There are not many times that I take my kids to the store because they end in tantrums like the ones they had today and I also wind up with 30 more items than I went in the store for. My husband must know this because he never hesitates to watch the boys when I say I need to go to the store. In any case, we did walk out of the store with noses running amok, mouths open in a howling fervor that enabled us all to see my sons tonsils. I felt like a walking campaign slogan for birth control. I just smiled and knew that this too, would pass and it did. After I put the bike in the back of our car and let the children cry until they couldn't cry anymore, we moved on. I wiped noses, gave drinks and kisses. Children as young as mine are do not realize that everything in the store is not for them. They left the store with the .99 cent trucks in their hands and that was it. I let them cry it out and put the piano and the bike in the back of the car for when their behavior deserved it. Yes they got trucks, where many Moms may have given them nothing. I know they are young and not at a point to really understand the whole shopping process. In due time, my friends. In due time.

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love the pics of austin naked on the coffee table total dave.<333

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