Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I have a few Not Me's to share but I wanted to start by saying that my doctor called and let me know that my blood work for baby #4 looks great! I didn't realize my relief until she called to tell me the results. I guess I am just trying to keep busy and distracted until we get past the point where we lost Tadem. In any case, that is one hurdle jumped! We will go in for an ultrasound on March 2nd. I am anxious and ridiculously nervous. It's all hard to grasp because Tadem was perfectly fine at this point during his ultrasound so I guess it's just a waiting game until we pass 16 weeks. I continue to pray and hope that God will bless us with a beautiful, healthy baby come October. I will keep you updated.

Not Me Monday! Aww... the ability to share all that you have NOT done. The ability to realize that we all have our moments and that sharing them may very well be the best way to laugh about it!

I was NOT in such a hurry to get out the door that I put the boys clothes on in such mayhem, not realizing that both of Austins legs were in one pant hole. I did not tell him to stop fussing when he was doing so for I had no idea that he was simply trying to tell me he couldn't walk. I did not ignore him until he plopped himself on the floor in a meltdown as pictured below. I did not feel bad for assuming he was having a terrible two tantrum, when this time there was validity to it!

Secondly, I did NOT go to a wedding this weekend where there was port a potties and pee on myself. A "redneck" wedding. Their words, not mine! The reception was NOT out in the middle of nowhere and the only option for restroom facilities was NOT port o potties. I did not give in and use one because I am pregnant after all. I did not attempt to touch nothing and hover only to realize to late that I was not hovering accurately. I did not pee down my leg! I was not horrified as all get out! I did not run to my car to get the ever so handy baby wipes to bathe as best I could! Ugh, really? Port o potties....

In case you didn't know, my children do have manners. They do not put their feet on the table or sit in the middle of the table and play. I would never allow such ridiculous acts to happen. I also do NOT snap pics left and right of all their wrong doings. Seriously, what is with the kids and feet on the table????

Lastly, I am not watching my son in the camera try his darnedest to climb into his brothers crib. I am not rooting that he makes it in because how cute would that be! How cute would it be that they would never sleep and only play but so sweet that they love each other that much. Of course, the pictures that I snap of his success would be priceless as well. So far no luck, by the way.
To all my Not Me Monday friends out there. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your Not Me's as well. It does make us, human after all!

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Leslie West said...

The best laugh I've had all day!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute not Me Monday post! Love the pics of the kids and don't worry I always accidentaly pee on myself when using a port a potty also.

Congrats on the good news about baby # 4, I will say a prayer for you and the baby to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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