Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Another Day But A Wonderful One

I feel like today was just an ordinary Friday but so many little things made it wonderful! For starters, the boys are on the mend. Still a wee bit tired but eating again and playing much more frivelously. Secondly, I had to go get blood work for the baby today. I was slightly worried about taking both boys into the lab where the wait time is typically endless. The wait time was about 10 minutes and in those ten minutes the boys barely said boo! I mean really they were angels! Mason only cried because a baby girl was getting her blood drawn and was obviously crying. Anyone crying very much upsets my Mae Mae. Then we came home and napped together. I have been trying to take little cat naps when I can. It's not often but when I do, I sleep like well... a baby!
After naps we decided to play outside. The boys crave the outdoor and would probably spend every minute out there if I let them. It wasn't until today that I finally found another use for our enorumous Christmas tree gate. See picture! Honestly there are times when I amaze myself. On any other day, I am in full blown panic chasing two kids and hoping neither of them will run into the street. Today, I finally came to my senses! We spent all afternoon out there and the boys were happy as clams!

Also when we were outside playing Austin decided in the midst of his "Japanese babble" to count to nine! I have never heard him go past 5 and literally almost fell out of my chair. I am still not sure what he was counting for there was nine of NOTHING around but he found something and let his imagination run with it! I was glowing! Remember this is the child in speech therapy for not speaking two word sentences. It just reminded me that Austin has it all in there and that he will be just fine! Tonight we built our first fort in the kitchen!

Austin thought that was just so cool! It's fun as they grow up and we can begin to do new things together! In any case, it was a simple day with my boys and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I am so blessed to spend my days with them!
I am a tired Ma Ma these days! I definetly feel the "first trimester exhaustion" so I am going to keep this short tonight. I have been doing amazingly well so far. No sickness. The worry and fear is obviously present but I am so busy during the day and so tired by night that there isn't much time to worry. For that I am grateful! I will keep you updated as we (hopefully) progress! In closing, I rest my head tonight beyond thankful for my beautiful, crazy busy, perfect life!
(p.s. I do not keep my kids in cages during the day, I promise =) They like to go in our dogs crate and pretend they are "doggies")

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Ashley Babyyy said...

Pictures are so priceless and love how u used the gate. <333

make sure u check out my blog wrote a little something about you. <333

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